April 2017 Board Minutes

AIA CHICAGO Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 12:00‐1:30 pm

AIA Chicago, 35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 250

Roll Call


Matthew Dumich (President)
Catherine Baker (Pres-Elect)
Robert Forest (Sponsorship)
Craig Brandt (Honors/Awards)
Brett Taylor (Advocacy)
April Hughes (Secretary)
Craig Cernek (Treasurer)
Laura Crane (Director)
Drew Deering (Director)
Laura Garcia (Director)
Jennifer Park (Director)
Edward Peck (Director)
Michael Pfeffer (Director)
Cameron Acheson (Assoc. Dir)
Vuk Vujovic (Assoc. Dir)
Patrick Donley (Affiliate Dir.)
Avi Mor (Affiliate Dir.)
Julia Mosqueda (Student Dir.)
Fred Brandstrader (IL Delegate)
Janeen Harrell (IL Delegate)
Jose Rodriguez (IL Delegate)

Zurich Esposito (Exec. VP)

Not Present:
Dawn Schuette (Past President)
Jessica Figenholtz (Director)

Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                            

Guests Attending

Libby McClintock - YAF
Nate White - YAF

2. Approve December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes                                                                                                

ACTION: Motion by Michael Pfeffer, AIA; Brett Taylor, AIA/Fred Brandstrader, AIA; Approved by unanimous vote

3. AIA Illinois Prairie Grassroots Recap
                ACTION: Brett Taylor reported the advocacy successes and a look to continue to connect in home districts.  Matt Dumich,

FAIA noted Landscape Architects (ASLA) and Structural Engineers (SEAOI) also joined the group this year.

4. Young Architects Forum Update

ACTION: YAF Co-Chairs Libby McClintock and Nate White reviewed upcoming programs, including the Summer Intern Social at Aqua in June, and discussed how millennials play a large role in the YAF.

5. Committee Reports

a. President/ First Vice‐President

ACTION: Report of recent activities and initiatives presented by Matt Dumich, FAIA, and Catherine Baker, AIA, including AIA
position papers, housing resolution, and attendance at AIA National Grassroots Leadership Conference in Washington DC.

b. Executive Vice President Remarks

ACTION: Summary of upcoming programs/activities presented by Zurich Esposito, including updates on the Biennial, EXPO Chicago, Tiny Homes successes, CRAN conference, and upcoming Chicago THRIVES resiliency programming. Vuk Vujovic, AIA provided additional information on Chicago THRIVES.

c. Advocacy Committee

ACTION: Brett Taylor, AIA provided update on CWA collaborative event, Rebuilding Together and other advocacy related information.

d. Finance Committee

ACTION: Financial report presented by Craig Cernek, AIA

e. Honors & Awards Committee

ACTION: Design Excellence Awards jury, presented by Craig Brandt, AIA. A new online submission platform will be used starting this year.

f. Membership Committee

ACTION: April Hughes, AIA noted special Affiliate Committee to be convened in order to strategize on increasing Affiliate membership and retainage; June 22 New Member Reception at Eggersmann Showroom.

g. Sponsorship Committee

ACTION: Bob Forest, FAIA, presented report and invited all board members to participate in sponsorship solicitation activities; provided info on annual sponsors.

6.  AIA Illinois Report

ACTION: Honor awards are due this week, report by Janeen Harrell, AIA.

7. City of Chicago – Department of Buildings Working Group

ACTION: Laura Garcia, AIA provided information on the letter sent to the Chicago DOB and gave an update on the ‘Bad Contractor Ordinance.’

8. Other Business

ACTION: Catherine Baker, AIA noted the upcoming Burning Bridges Summit, focusing on infrastructure will be held in Chicago. Avi Mor, Affiliate Director noted that Lightfair will be held in Chicago in 2018.

9. Meeting Outcomes


Young Architects Forum presented annual planning calendar and communicated strategic initiatives focused on emerging professionals.
AIA Chicago Board focused on how to describe our advocacy efforts through communication of our core values and ongoing programming and initiatives already in place.
Sponsorship activities have focused on our Affiliate Members. The Membership committee to strategize on member value and benefits for Affiliates.
Look Ahead: Spring Programming kicks into full gear with AIA National Convention in Orlando (April), Small Project Awards (May) and the New Member Reception (June).

Documents Distributed

February 2017 Board Meeting Minutes
Financial Report
Sponsorship Report
Membership Report
Awards Jury
DOB Working Group Letter to Commissioner Frydland
AIA Resolution 17-3 – “Housing Humanity”
YAF 2017 Working Calendar

Upcoming Events

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, April 19, AIA Chicago, 12:00pm
AIA Chicago/USGBC Chicago Thrives: Resilience Summit – Thursday, April 20, 1 North Wacker, 2nd Floor Conference Center
AIA National Convention: April 26-29, Orlando, Florida
Small Project Awards: Thursday, May 4, Architectural Artifacts



AIA Chicago seeks functional objects designed by architects to be considered for an exhibition later this year in a public venue, organized and presented by AIA Chicago. The exhibition will include furniture, fixtures, and other objects that have a functional design and represent the versatile talents of Chicago's architecture community, and will be scheduled to coincide with the timing of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.
Requirements for Submission:

--Minimum four, maximum ten images per submission, including photographs of the completed object
--Description of the object (200 word max), including:

Statement of contextual background
Description of materials and construction/fabrication
Special challenges or considerations
Unique and/or innovative solutions

--A list of any outside collaborators, including manufacturers and fabricators (indicate role with name)
--Object dimensions (height, width, length)


--All objects submitted must be fabricated prior to submission. No unbuilt work will be considered.
--Those who submit must be AIA members, Associate AIA members, International AIA members, AIA Student members (AIAS), or AIA Chicago Student members.

A group of design educators, design professionals, and representatives from AIA Chicago’s Board of Directors will select a limited number of objects for the exhibition.


Is there a limit to how many objects I can submit? No.

Is there a stipend or honorarium awarded to selected objects? No.

My name is in the submission package - will the selection committee see my name? No, the selection committee will only see your object title, descriptive statement, and images.


Submissions must be received no later than July 7, 2017 at 5:00pm. 


1. Download and fill out this PDF. Re-name your submission form as such: “LastName_ObjectTitle”.

2. Choose four to ten photos to submit. Rename the photos as such: “ObjectTitle_01; ObjectTitle_02” etc.

3. Create a folder (also named “LastName_ObjectTitle”) with this form and the images of your object.

4. Zip your folder and upload your submission package to this Dropbox folder.

Questions? Contact Kelsey Kirkley, Events Manager at or at 312.376.2760.


2017 Small Projects Awards & People’s Choice Award

AIA Chicago is pleased to present the 7th annual Small Projects / LARGE PARTY, featuring the Pella Crafted Luxury People's Choice Awards!

May 4, 2017 | 5:30–8:30pm
Architectural Artifacts, 4325 N Ravenswood Avenue

The Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) hosts the biggest little party of the year, showcasing the best residential, commercial and institutional architecture and functional objects designed over the past year. Complimentary bites and beverages provided - including beer generously donated by Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Presented by the AIA Chicago Small Practitioners Group, the goal of this awards program is to raise public awareness of the value that architects bring to small projects and to promote small practitioners as a resource for design excellence. All firms in the competition have fewer than nine licensed architects and architectural interns. All submitted projects are less than 5,000 square feet in size.

Come on over to Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood if you:

- are planning to hire an architect for your home or small business

- want to make connections within Chicago's architectural community

- wish to be inspired by the amazing work being done in Chicago on a smaller scale - no skyscrapers here!

Click here to RSVP, and don't forget to SHARE the event with your friends!

Back by popular demand: VOTE NOW for your favorite project to receive the People's Choice Award, presented by Pella Crafted Luxury. Click here to view all 92 submitted projects and vote!


Thank you to our sponsors:


Board Minutes: February 2017

AIA CHICAGO Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 12:00‐1:30 pm

AIA Chicago, 35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 250


p Matthew Dumich (President)
p Catherine Baker (Pres-Elect)
p Robert Forest (Sponsorship)
o Craig Brandt (Honors/Awards)
p Brett Taylor (Advocacy)
o April Hughes (Secretary)
p Craig Cernek (Treasurer)

p Dawn Schuette (Past President)

o Laura Crane (Director)
p Drew Deering (Director)
o Jessica Figenholtz (Director)
p Laura Garcia (Director)
o Jennifer Park (Director)

p Edward Peck (Director)
p Michael Pfeffer (Director)

p Cameron Acheson (Assoc. Dir)
o Vuk Vujovic (Assoc. Dir)

p Patrick Donley (Affiliate Dir.)

p Avi Mor (Affiliate Dir.)            

p Julia Mosqueda (Student Dir.)

o Fred Brandstrader (IL Delegate)

p Janeen Harrell (IL Delegate)
p Jose Rodriguez (IL Delegate)

p Zurich Esposito (Exec. VP)

Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                            

Guests Attending

Peter Exley, FAIA, AIA National Board, At-Large Director
Joseph Lai, AIA, AIA National Board, Associate Director
Mark Schwamel, AIA, AIA Illinois Board, President

2. Approve December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes                                                                                                

ACTION: Motion by Laura Garcia, AIA; Seconded by Dawn Schuette, FAIA; Approved by unanimous vote

3. AIA Illinois Prairie Grassroots Advocacy Briefing    

ACTION: Mark Schwamel, AIA, presented overview of AIA IL Prairie Grassroots Conference in Springfield on March 28, 2017

All Board Members encouraged to complete the AIA Illinois Advocacy Survey before the end of the week. 

4. Strategic Communications – AIA Message Book

ACTION: Peter Exley, FAIA, presented the strategic communication initiative resource

5. Committee Reports

a. President/ First Vice‐President

ACTION: Report of recent activities and initiatives presented by Matt Dumich, FAIA, and Catherine Baker, AIA

b. Executive Vice President Remarks

ACTION: Summary of upcoming programs/activities presented by Zurich Esposito

c. Advocacy Committee

ACTION: Brett Taylor, AIA provided Rebuilding Together update and other advocacy related information

d. Finance Committee

ACTION: Financial report presented by Craig Cernek, AIA

e. Honors & Awards Committee

ACTION: Small Project Awards jury, presented by Matt Dumich, FAIA

f. Membership Committee

ACTION: No report.

g. Sponsorship Committee

ACTION: Bob Forest, FAIA, presented report and invited all board members to participate in sponsorship solicitation activities

6. City of Chicago – Department of Buildings Working Group

ACTION: AIA Chicago DOB Working Group activity was presented by Laura Garcia, AIA

7. Meeting Outcomes


All architects and allied professionals welcome to attend AIA IL Prairie Grassroots Advocacy Day on March 28
AIA Chicago Board focused on strategic communications to craft messaging about architects’ value and impact in our communities
2017 Chicago Architectural Biennial planning underway for AIA Chicago with focus on public programs that celebrate Chicago Architects/members
Look Ahead: Young Architects Forum leaders will join next month’s Board meeting

Documents Distributed

January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes
Financial Report
Sponsorship Report
Membership Report

Upcoming Events

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, March 29, AIA Chicago, 12:00pm
AIA Illinois Prairie Grassroots: Tuesday, March 28, Springfield, IL
AIA Chicago/USGBC Chicago Thrives: Resilience Summit – Thursday, April 20, 1 North Wacker, 2nd Floor Conference Center
AIA National Convention: April 26-29, Orlando, Florida
Small Project Awards: Friday, May 4, Architectural Artifacts


Announcing 2017 Chicago Fellows

Congratulations to the 13 Chicago architects to receive the 2017 FAIA distinction.

AIA Fellows are recognized with the AIA’s highest membership honor for their exceptional work and contributions to architecture and society. The prestige of FAIA after your name is unparalleled and the judging is rigorous.

Architects who have made significant contributions to the profession and society and who exemplify architectural excellence can become an AIA Fellow. Approximately 3 percent of the AIA’s 88,000+ members have this distinction.


Category One: Promoted the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession.
Category Two: Advanced the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice.
Category Three: Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA or other related professional organizations.
Category Four: Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment.
Category Five: Made the profession of ever-increasing service to society.

Gary Ainge, FAIA, Principal, HBRA
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

Gary Ainge came to HBRA Architects in 1984 from the Chicago firm of Tigerman Fugman McCurry. After serving in a diversity of roles at HBRA, Gary was elevated to Associate, then Principal, and in 1994 was appointed Administrative Principal and charged with managing the daily operations of the firm, a role he continues to fulfill to this day. Throughout his 32 year history with HBRA, Gary has directed many nationally recognized projects of varied scales with programmatic, budgetary and logistical challenges as Principal-in-Charge. With sensitivity toward existing conditions, both man-made and natural, Gary has been able to guide the design team, client, user groups and consultants toward solutions that are contextually appropriate, visually appealing, cost-effective and technically innovative.
Gary mentors and shares his knowledge and expertise in architectural design, practice and management with peers, professionals, students, institutions and organizations. He has served as a guest lecturer for the Professional Practice course at the University of Notre Dame for fifth year undergraduate students, providing real world examples of firm management strategies, thereby helping to cultivate well-rounded future practitioners. Additionally, Gary has lectured extensively on the design of summer camps, most recently at the University of Maryland. His experience with camps began in 1986 when he managed the design and construction administration process of the Hole In The Wall Gang Camp for children with life-threatening illnesses, founded by Paul Newman. Gary has been associated with the HITWGC for over 30 years, donating his time and talent for a multitude of subsequent projects. His expertise has been provided globally to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Fund by advising the organization on the design, safety and functionality of existing and future camp facilities throughout the world. Over the years, Gary has offered presentations on the development of the original HITWGC to groups for camp sponsored events and fundraising.
In addition to his daily firm management responsibilities at HBRA, Gary provides in-depth project management on significant, award-winning institutional and university projects requiring a keen understanding of institutional culture, procedures, and how those communities wish to convey their identities through architecture.
Gary is a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Midwest Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA), which is part of the leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the appreciation of the classical tradition in architecture and the allied arts. He is also the Committee Chair of and responsible for establishing the Acanthus Awards; an awards program developed to recognize excellence and distinction in classical and traditional architecture, now in its fourth year. Gary is a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Architectural Research Foundation, where he serves this not-for-profit institution to provide guidance and direction for architectural research specific to Chicago, its history and future.

Jeff Bone, FAIA, Principal at Landon Bone Baker Architects
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

Good design should be available to all. That’s the belief of Jeff Bone and Landon Bone Baker Architects. An innovative leader and hands-on champion of affordable housing, Jeff nurtures the firm’s grassroots approach to help nonprofit clients translate their vision. He regularly engages community members to co-create inventive, inviting, and sustainable spaces that stabilize lives, revitalize neighborhoods, and regenerate cities.
Throughout his career, Jeff has helped shaped best practices, codes, and policy in many capacities, including volunteering with Affordable Housing Building Code Group of the Business and Professional People for the Public Interest; advocating to preserve SROs and establish best practices in design/construction; and volunteering with Tiny House Working Group to champion new, economical housing options.
For a synergistic effect on LBBA projects, Jeff partners with unique nonprofits, including Archi-treasures, on whose board he has served for years. The organization connects people to the places they live through collaborative art-making, and as a result, increases the social sustainability of both the buildings and neighborhoods.
Jeff’s work has been honored with numerous awards, including multiple AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Awards and four prestigious First-Place Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Awards for Architectural Excellence in Community Design.


Sheila F. Cahnman, FAIA, President, JumpGarden Consulting, LLC
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

Sheila Cahnman champions healthcare innovation worldwide through prolific advocacy and significant architectural design, influencing a new generation by rethinking how the healthcare environment can shape patient experience, clinical outcomes and operational efficiency.
Sheila’s 35 years of healthcare facility experience includes work at all the academic medical centers in Chicago as well as major projects nationally for such clients as The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, University of Missouri Health Center and Harris Health in Houston. Sheila has spoken at over 30 conferences and written 25 articles on healthcare facility planning issues. Sheila is on the Editorial Board of Healthcare Design Magazine and a reviewer for the Health Environments Research & Design (HERD), Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) and American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) journals. She is currently an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign and has a teaching affiliation at four other universities. She is a former president of Chicago Women in Architecture.





Rada Doytcheva, FAIA, Principal & Head of Design, RADA Architects
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice
(AIA Continental Europe)

Rada Doytcheva is a Principal and Head of Design at RADA Architects, leading a practice of wide impact with socially responsible projects, successfully blending innovative ideas and commitment to rational, people-oriented designs.  

In her work for institutions and public buildings users, she has brought new ideas reimagining working, living and learning spaces. Most of Rada’s accomplishments are in the neediest neighborhoods of Chicago – designing for Chicago Public Schools, City Colleges of Chicago, for urban higher ed campuses - UIC, NEIU, CSU, for public agencies - Cook County, Chicago Department of Aviation and others. 
Rada comes to her practice with a passion for what is right, socially responsible and sustainable. Projects like the adaptive reuse of Dodge School in Garfield Park and the Clybourn Point development on the edge of former Cabrini Green – helped rebuild broken communities, revitalized forgotten buildings and drew people together.  

As a bridge for international exchange, Rada has been active in the International Committee of the AIA as its Chair, later on as an AIA Europe Board Member. She continues to lead conferences, presentations and student competitions. Being a strong advocate for female and minority architects empowerment, she has helped raise this awareness at numerous local and state public agencies.  


Matthew Dumich, FAIA, Senior Architect & Project Manager, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Category Three: Led the Institute, Led a Related Organization

Matthew Dumich, FAIA advances mentorship, connectivity and outreach, empowering architect leaders. His groundbreaking initiatives bridge generations to promote and equip architects with tools and platforms for personal and collective success.
Matt leads a national conversation on design leadership, mentorship and firm culture. He is a frequently sought after guest lecturer and architecture advocate, speaking at universities, high schools, AIAS FORUM, AIA National Conventions and ARCHITECT Live. Matt is a consistent local, regional and national leader, currently serving as AIA Chicago President. He is co-founder of BRIDGE, a leadership program pairing emerging architects with FAIA mentors to discuss career advancement and the future of the profession. BRIDGE is informing the next generation, while establishing lasting, multigenerational relationships. In 2011, Matt led an Institute membership committee to establish a comprehensive marketing and communications plan resulting in the highly successful “I AM AIA” advertising campaign.
In practice, Matt promotes a culture of mentorship and licensure, enriching professional advancement opportunities and empowering teams to be successful. As a Senior Architect and Project Manager at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), he fosters leadership across the team and shares expertise with clients and team members on the design and delivery of complex, high-performance projects domestically and abroad.


David Eckmann, FAIA, Managing Principal, Magnusson Klemencic Associates 
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

Dave is the Managing Principal of Magnusson Klemencic Associates’ (MKA) Chicago office, and a Senior Principal for the firm. He offers 30 years of industry experience. Both an architect and structural engineer, Dave practices and promotes the bold integration of these disciplines, profoundly impacting the profession through world-class projects, industry leadership, and the sharing of knowledge.  Some of Dave’s local project experience include Aqua, Chicago O’Hare International Terminal, University of Chicago Ratner Athletics Center, and City Hyde Park, which feature structure as architecture.






Martin Felsen, FAIA, Founder, UrbanLab
Category One: Design, Urban Design, or Preservation

Plying the boundaries between practice and education, Martin Felsen blends design and data to produce uniquely progressive, site-specific built works and research, resulting in a new aesthetic for environmentally resilient architecture, infrastructure, landscapes, and public space.
Martin Felsen founded UrbanLab as an alternative practice aiming to synthesize diverse methodologies, technical innovation, and hybrid vocabularies drawn equally from architecture and its complex urban and natural contexts. Martin’s projects seek beauty in the unexpected at all scales, from his 2016 exhibition for the Chicago Architecture Foundation—“50 Designers, 50 Ideas, 50 Wards”—to a competition-winning urban district in Changde, China, designed to house 700,000 people in 5 square miles. UrbanLab’s work possesses an element of conceptual and graphic rigor and inquiry that has become the hallmark its design work, encouraging greater public and professional engagement and deeper and more productive collaborations with partners and clients.
Martin’s work integrates empirical research and analogical design. Martin has worked with geographers and computer scientists on National Science Foundation grants exploring the nature of human and natural systems through the analysis of their patterns of urban growth and movement. All UrbanLab’s work is strengthened by this confluence of art and science. Martin’s designs routinely incorporate and formalize hydrology, ecosystems, biodiversity, public health, energy, and transportation, among other factors, which led to UrbanLab’s reconceptualization of the Chicago tradition of “no small plans”—the “Eco-Boulevard”—which earned Martin and his team the 2009 AIA College of Fellows Latrobe Prize.
Beyond professional practice, Martin regularly contributes to the architectural discourse through his academic commitments and teaching, as well as writings and participation in conferences, guest lectures, design juries, large-scale urban consultation, and symposia. For both his professional and academic work, Martin has received numerous honors and awards. His projects have been widely published and exhibited in national and international venues, including the Venice Biennale.


Randolph Guillot, FAIA, Design Director at Gensler
Category One: Design, Urban Design, or Preservation

Randy Guillot, FAIA has designed a compelling body of work of intensely programmatic and contextually driven architecture. His work creates new models for healing, learning and working by truly understanding the multidisciplinary nature of these activities resulting in sculptural, exuberant, site-specific buildings. They are celebrated not just for their critical design success, but also for how they have changed access to healthy, dignified, optimistic and engaging environments for all.

He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with degrees in Fine Art and Architecture in 1990. He is a Design Director in the Chicago office of Gensler and has been a design leader for studios in Los Angeles and Chicago for Gensler, CannonDesign, OWP/P, Perkins + Will, and Ellerbe Becket. Randy has been recognized with over 40 local, national and international design awards to date, published extensively and has designed buildings on five continents.

He acts as a studio critic and lecturer and has expanded the profession’s commitment to partnerships with universities through enabling unique ‘in- residence’ studio programs for students. Randy, his wife and four children make their home in Oak Park, IL.


Charles Hasbrouck, FAIA, Director 
at bKL Architecture
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

Charles R. Hasbrouck FAIA has been consistently successful in implementing complex, challenging and influential projects around the world. He is currently a Director at bKL Architecture, where he oversees the Architect of Record’s Services for the 95 story Wanda Vista Tower, designed by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects, which will be Chicago’s third tallest building when complete.

Prior to joining bKL Architecture, he was a Director at Skidmore Owings & Merrill and a founding Principal of Gonzalez Hasbrouck. During his career, he managed projects that range from sensitive renovations and creative adaptive reuses, to large scale mixed use buildings and master plans for sustainable new cities. He has led projects in the United States, Oman, Kuwait, India, Russia and beyond.
As his career evolves, he spends more time mentoring young managers and sharing his experience through civic engagement. He currently sits on the Boards of Directors of the Cliff Dwellers, the Glessner House Museum and the Friends of Downtown. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and earned a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University.         


Richard Master, FAIA, Senior Manager, USG Sustainability
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

Richard C. (Rik) Master, FAIA, LEED AP is a Research Architect with over 40 years building science experience and currently Sr. Manager, Sustainability - USG Corporation.  Responsibilities include sustainable guidance, technical support, environmental research, and documentation. While at USG, Rik spent 18 years in Corporate Sustainability/Building Science and 17 years at the USG Research Center in the development of building systems, including the Structocore Security System, Learning Demountable Wall System, and the Light Steel Framing Manual (details, specifications and installation instructions). Rik is known in the construction industry as the Plaster Expert and is often called on for plaster consulting by both architects and contractors world-wide. Rik developed and wrote USG ACTION an interactive technical information retrieval software package for the construction professional which evolved into the current technical website.  Active in several professional organizations and committees including AIA Professional Interest Areas and former Chair of AIA’s Specifications and Building Technology, AIA Educational Advisory Committee, AIA Initiative for Architectural Research Advisory Council, Founder & Former Chair of the Building Envelope Council of Chicago, the 2008 President of the AIA – Chicago, former member of the HPD Collabritive MAP, USGBC’s EQ Technical Advisory Group (TAG 2010-2014), CSI’s Technical Committee (2010-2013), and AIA Illinois Board member (2010 – 2016), and 2016 (current) President of AIA Illinois. Currently Rik service the AIA National Strategic Councilor from Illinois.

Prior to joining USG, Rik owned an Architectural/Construction firm specializing in Energy Efficient Design/High-Performance Buildings. Designed and built several single family energy-efficient homes and his own ‘Passive Design’ home in 1979, which is 70% off-the-grid. He started his career working as a carpenter (Union 13 -Chicago) during High School and College.



Edward Peck, FAIA, Design Principal, Forum Studio
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice


Edward is a principal at Forum Studio where he works at the intersection of art and science synchronizing architecture and engineering in the development of innovative and high-performance solutions for the built environment.

Edward’s experience spans a broad spectrum of project typologies including higher education, corporate, healthcare, residential and sports and entertainment venues. A recognized leader in emerging architectural technologies, he has become a leading advocate for high-performance architecture, an educator of informed collaboration and a pioneer of innovative materials. 





Junjian "J.J." Tang, FAIA, Federal Program Principal, HDR
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

J.J. is a federal program principal of HDR Architecture Inc. Over the past two decades, his career has focused on the design of federal facilities which are critical to our country’s defense and to U.S. security around the world. These facilities have combined construction value exceeding billions of dollars, across four continents. J.J. is the recipient of the prestigious 2011 Urbahn Medal from the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) awarded annually to an architect for his or her eminent and notable contributions in the field of architecture.
In 2011, J.J. found the national Architectural Practice Committee (APC) of SAME in its 92 years history and served as its inaugural chair until 2016. APC has united thousands of architects for the common cause of elevating federal architecture. To recognize his outstanding leadership and accomplishments, SAME honored him with 2015 President’s Medal and elected him to Academy of Fellows of SAME in 2016.

Before joining HDR, J.J. worked at M+W Zander, Solomon Cordwell & Buenz Associates, Murphy/Jahn, and Nagle & Hartry Associates in Chicago. He earned M.Arch from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1993, Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Huazhong University of Science &Technology (HUST, China) in 1989. J.J. was selected as HUST’s distinguished alumnus in 2012.


Steven Turckes, FAIA, Practice Leader, Principal, Perkins+Will
Category Two: Education, Research, Literature, or Practice

 An enthusiastic advocate for advancing education through design, Steven Turckes, FAIA, has led the development of innovative K through 12 schools by educating communities, sharing his expertise, and transforming architecture for education. Steve firmly believes in the power of education and educational environments to change lives. For over thirty years, principally with Perkins+Will, he has shaped educational facilities in the Midwest, across the Nation, and all over the World. Steve’s body of work reflects his focus on connecting the knowledge and experience of educators with the energy and enthusiasm of students and communities to support innovative educational missions and spaces. His process is infused with the principles of observation, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and he has led teams creating future-ready environments that stand the test of time.



Interested in Fellowship?

It's never too early in your career to think about becoming a Fellow!

Licensed architects who have distinguished themselves in the categories of design, practice, education or service in the community, and who have at least 10 years of cumulative AIA membership are eligible applicants for Fellowship.

AIA Chicago proves several informational events throughout the year to help guide and prepare members for the nomination and application process, including: 

Summer (June/July) - Demystifying Fellowship Seminar
Fall (mid-September) – Fellowship Mentoring Session

Click here to view Fellowship information, including important event dates!

Questions? Ready to sign up? Contact Steve Riforgiato at, or at 312-376-2740. 


January Board Meeting Updates & Minutes

The board of directors of AIA Chicago will be providing updates each month on board discussions. 

Highlights from the Wednesday, January 14 meeting include:

1. 2016 was a successful year from a membership, programming and sponsorship standpoint

2. AIA Chicago will be dedicating 2017 to developing new programming around advocacy, equity and leadership

3. The board will be looking to identify key advocacy issues for the year.

You can read the full board meeting minutes here. A reminder that all board meeting are open to the public; if you are interested in attending, contact us at


2017 Martin Roche Travel Scholarship Now Open!

Established in 1926 by architect Martin Roche, and administered by the AIA Chicago Foundation, the Martin Roche Travel Scholarship gives a student the opportunity to independently study architecture abroad.

Past awards have been granted to students who studied a diverse group of subjects, such as the transformation of brownfield sites in Germany; the relationship between design and crime in Medellin, Colombia; and modernist religious architecture in Italy. A grant of $5500 is available to students enrolled in an architecture program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Illinois Institute of Technology or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



AIA Chicago Co-Sponsors Resilience Symposium

Chicago Resilience Symposium

USGBC – Illinois and AIA Chicago are accepting proposals for our upcoming “Chicago Thrives! Resilience Symposium” from now until February 7, 2017 at 9:00 PM (deadline extended).  Chicago’s first ever Resilience Symposium will be held on Thursday, April 20th, 2017.

Please read the Call for Session Proposals for full details on the topic preferences, review process and program policies before completing the session application form.

Resilient design is emerging as the design challenge for our age. Practitioners in the built environment must re-imagine our built infrastructure and social fabric to be adaptable to changing conditions, be they sudden abrupt changes such as natural disaster or chronic stresses such as endemic crime and poverty in addition to carbon drawdown strategies. The Chicago Thrives! Resilience Symposium as envisioned will serve to enhance the work the City of Chicago is currently undertaking and will provide an opportunity for multiple disciplines in our region to meet and exchange ideas and best practices through lecture, panel discussion, and interactive workshops. We title this event “Chicago Thrives!” purposefully because we believe that the City of Chicago and the Great Lakes region is well-positioned to not only survive but thrive through the stresses of the coming decades. We must act now to ensure a positive future for generations to come.

Selection preference will be given to expertise and case studies of realized or potential solutions that address local solutions to resilient community/city planning, manufacturing, agriculture, livability, social justice, market trends, and/or relevant policy at multiple scales and leveraging a diversity of perspectives. Other related resilience topics will be considered. In your proposal, please be sure to clearly state how your topic is relevant and timely to the creation of more livable, just, and resilient human environments.

How to Submit

Questions? Contact Katie Kaluzny at or by phone at 312-245-8300 x3.


AIA Chicago Responds to Recent Post-Election Statements

November 14, 2016

To members of AIA Chicago:

The AIA Chicago Board of Directors wants to assure our members that we do not support the recent statement made by national AIA on November 10, which prematurely expressed the support of AIA’s 89,000 members for an unarticulated infrastructure agenda made by the incoming presidential administration. Further, we are committed to working with all of you to deepen our diversity and inclusion initiatives, and to continue the discussions that affect positive change on issues that are critical to our profession. We believe in and are dedicated to:

  • Supporting our members, our committee leaders, our board and our staff as we engage, educate and challenge our elected leaders locally, regionally and nationally on the issues faced by architects;
  • Assuring that the built environment addresses the realities of climate change;
  • Creating more equitable opportunities for all in our profession regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation;
  • Upholding our professional standards of creating spaces that are safe and promote equality for our clients and the public;
  • Building stronger and more resilient communities, including urban, suburban and rural areas in which our members practice and live.

AIA Chicago vows to continue work that is already under way to give all members a voice on how these goals can be achieved now and long into the future. To do this, we need all of you to continue to engage in the work of our chapter and continue to express your views and opinions. It is in working together that we can accomplish the most and make the greatest impact.

Your voice will keep us moving forward.


Dawn Schuette, FAIA    
2016 Board President

Matthew Dumich, AIA    
2016 First Vice President
2017 Board President    

Anthony P. LoBello, AIA    
2015 Board President  

Scott Rappe, AIA
2014 Board President       


2016 Professional Excellence Awards Announced


AIA Chicago is thrilled to announce the 2016 winners of its Professional Excellence and Distinguished Service Awards! These individuals will be recognized and celebrated at the Annual Meeting & Holiday Party, taking place December 7 at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. The party is open to the public, and tickets can be purchased here.

Dubin Family Young Architect Award
Vladimir Radutny, AIA

Jurors were impressed with Radutny's scope of work that has garnered multiple awards from AIA Chicago and beyond. 

2016 Firm of the Year Award
Wheeler Kearns Architects

The jury called Wheeler Kearns Architects, "a legacy firm" for their diverse body of work that has, throughout almost 30 years, embodied principles of design excellence.

Distinguished Service Award:
Since 1955, the Board of Directors of AIA Chicago has recognized individuals and organizations who have given outstanding service to the Chicago architectural community as a whole, including service to the profession, public service, and education.

This award is not necessarily presented every year. Individuals, associations, AIA Chicago members, and members of the Chicago community at large are eligible for this award. Past honorees have included architects, craftspersons, educators, authors, journalists, and organizations of various types.

The 2016 recipients are:

  • Jennifer Masengarb, Director of Research & Interpretation at the Chicago Architecture Foundation
  • The Illinois Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (I-NOMA)
  • Arquitectos Chicago

AIA Chicago will also recognize the 2016 winners of the Student Awards in Architecture. Read more about those projects here.


2017 Call for Board Nominations

AIA Chicago 2017 Call for Nominations

To assist the Nominating Committee in preparing a slate of nominees with complimentary aptitudes for the Board of Directors and Foundation Board or identify potential candidates for participation in our Knowledge Communities and Board Committees, please submit a letter of interest to address any of the relevant points below.  Please emphasize those areas in which you feel you have particular strengths or unique offerings.  There is no expectation that everyone will have something to offer in each area. Feel free to describe any other characteristics not listed here that you feel might be of benefit to either of the boards noted above or Committee appointments.

General Information: Describe your area of practice or specialty, firm size, your role in your organization, and the level of support and encouragement your employer will provide if you are elected to the board or appointed to a committee.

Area of Interest: Discuss your past and current involvement in AIA Chicago committees and Knowledge Communities and whether you have an interest in acting as a liaison between the board and any specific committee or KC.

Board Responsibilities: Refer to the Committees and Areas of Responsibility and list any that interest you, and describe the specific assets or experience you would bring to them.

Sponsorship: Describe any previous experience in sponsorship activities, your network of potential sponsors and your ability and interest in working to engage them.

Political Advocacy: Discuss your involvement in political advocacy including any established relationships with elected representatives, past participation in Prairie Grassroots/AIA National Grassroots Leadership Conferences and your capacity and intention to continue these.

Social, Professional & Academic network: Discuss any connections you would bring to the board that could broaden and deepen AIA Chicago’s engagement with allied professionals, architecture schools, the owner/client community, the general public, and other relevant communities.

Time commitment: Discuss your ability to prepare for and participate in regular meetings and your commitment to attend major chapter events and functions such as the Annual Meeting, Designight, National Convention, Grassroots, new member reception, etc.

Other Assets: Describe any other special experience you may have such as marketing, accounting, budgeting, organization administration, grant proposal writing, etc.

Personal Statement: Concisely describe your motivation to serve on the AIA Chicago board of directors.

Please limit your letter of interest to one page. A one page resume may also be included if desired.

Address the letter to the AIA Chicago Nominating Committee and email it to Anjulie Rao, Communications Director, at by 5:00pm on October 7, 2016.


Ron Krueck, FAIA, Receives 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Continuing their century-and-a-half long tradition of recognizing Chicago’s enduring architectural legacy, AIA Chicago will present its 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award to Ron Krueck, FAIA, founding partner of Krueck + Sexton Architects, joining previous winners such as Stanley Tigerman, FAIA, Helmut Jahn, FAIA, and philanthropist Richard Driehaus.

A graduate of IIT’s School of Architecture, Krueck founded the firm Krueck and Olsen in 1979 and in 1991, the partnership with Mark Sexton, FAIA was formed and the firm was renamed Krueck + Sexton Architects. Krueck’s first project, the iconic Steel and Glass House (1981), set in motion a 35 year career that has helped define and shape Chicago as a truly modern city.  Steadfast in his commitment to Modernism, Krueck never ventured into the realm of “Post Modernism”.

As principal of Krueck + Sexton, Krueck has championed the firm’s architectural vision over the first three decades.  As the youngest Lifetime Achievement recipient, he anticipates pushing the envelope in the decades ahead. Krueck + Sexton’s work includes the South Florida FBI Headquarters (2015), Herman Miller Design Centers (1996 - 2006), the Spertus Institute (2007), Crown Fountain (2004) in collaboration with Artist Jaume Plensa, and the renovation of the United Airlines Terminals at LAX (2017) .  Current projects “on the boards” include a 52 story office tower at 130 North Franklin and United States Embassies in Papua New Guinea and Kenya.  Many of Krueck + Sexton’s projects have earned numerous AIA national and AIA Chicago awards as well as five Chicago Architecture Foundation Patron Awards.

“Ron’s work consistently embodies qualities that define architectural excellence. His work is thoughtful, meticulously executed, relevant, and responsive to the client; not to mention undeniably elegant,” says Zurich Esposito, Executive Vice President of AIA Chicago. “He is highly regarded by the architecture community as an innovator, and has earned this reputation with quiet humility.”

As an architect, Krueck is known among clients and colleagues for his ability to listen to the needs of the client, and to take pleasure in the design process. “Ultimately,” says Krueck, “our work is grounded in a humanistic value: that the act of discovery and of making is a delight. Whether the project is a house, school, museum, or city, assumptions can be challenged, preconceptions can be overturned, and in the end, the world can be made new, again.” 

As an advocate for preserving, restoring, and teaching the architecture and philosophies of Modernism, Krueck and his firm have also completed the restoration of Mies van der Rohe’s IIT Crown Hall and 860-880 Lake Shore Drive. In addition, since 2003, he has been working with various groups for the preservation of the Farnsworth House. He remains active at the Art Institute of Chicago and currently sits on the Committee of 20th Century and Contemporary Art.  As Studio Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology for over 30 years and visiting Professor at Harvard GSD, Krueck has mentored hundreds of aspiring young architects. 

In 1983, Ron was named an “Emerging Voice” by the Architectural League of New York.  Three years later, he was named one of the ’40 under 40’ Top Architects in the United States and in 1993, Ron was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame.  He was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in 1992 and in 2005, was recognized as Chicagoan of the Year by the Chicago Tribune.

“Receiving this award led me to be reflective in a way that does not come naturally to me,” states Krueck. “From the beginning I was interested in evolving and extending the modernist language of architecture, as well as the doctrines of the Chicago School. Through intuition and a certain amount of determination, we have stayed true to those goals. I feel this award validates this approach.”

Krueck will receive the award at Designight—AIA Chicago’s premier design awards event—on October 14, 2016. Held at Navy Pier’s Grand Ballroom, the event will recognize Krueck as well as all recipients of the 2106 Design Excellence Awards.



Each year, AIA Chicago Foundation administers and juries The Chicago Award in Architecture, a competition of student projects. The project awarded First Place is honored with the the Benn-Johnck Award, in the amount of $500, Second Place is awarded $300, and Third Place is awarded $200.


This year, the first place award went to a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee duo, Alexa Wojciechowicz and Efrain Cano. Their project, The Architecture of Cooperation, is a proposal for a cultural center in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood. The students observed tensions between existing populations (predominantly comprised of a long-standing Puerto Rican population) and the new neighbors arriving as the neighborhood gentrifies. The cultural center includes spaces for physical activity, cultural programming, and also offers opportunities for visitors to connect activities to the outdoors via ample courtyard space. The project also connects to the train.

The jury noted, "This is a very interesting concept and solution to the problem of bringing cultures together. The project addresses the idea of creating a space that is flexible and open.  Tying the train line into the site as something all cultures will go through and experience is intriguing (I wish the train would stop here as a destination!). Great graphics and really great physical model.  It all tells the story thoroughly and contributes to the Chicago community."



Wanwan Shao, Widya Ramadhani, and Yuxuan Wang from the University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana came in second place with their Noida Medical Center: Hospital that Responds to the Living Pattern of India. Their proposal brings a much-needed emergency care facility to a town in India that often experiences natural disasters.

The jury said they, "appreciate how beautiful the space feels (very unlike a traditional hospital) and nature being integrated within public spaces as a way to promote good health and social activity."  


In third place, Liyuan Ge from University of Illionis at Urbana Champaign designed a dual structure that responds to a recent disaster in China that spewed toxic sodium cyanide into the air, killing over 100 people and injured several hundreds more. The project simultaneously purifies the disaster site—cleaning up the surrounding water—while also preserving and honoring the memory of those who died in the disaster. 

Jurors called it, "A very striking project with unique and creative solutions to solve a problem and create space." 














Ayyoub Rakan, Brian Cruse, and John Harmon from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign received an Honorable Mention for their project, 320 East North Water Street - Vertical City in Chicago’s Streeterville District.


Remembering Gert Lempp Kerbis

AIA Chicago is saddened to hear of the death of Gertrude "Gert" Lempp Kerbis, FAIA, on June 14, 2016.

Gert's impact on the architecture community has been felt in Chicago and around the country; her work includes the Seven Continents at O'Hare International Airport, as well as the USAF Academy's Mitchell Dining Hall in Colorado Springs, among others. Additionally, she taught at University of Illinois at Chicago, William Rainey Harper Junior College, and was a visiting professor at Washington University (St. Louis). She served on design juries for AIA national.

Gert was, importantly, a pioneer for women in the profession. The 11th woman to earn AIA Fellowship, Gert was a founding member of Chicago Women in Architecture, AIA Chicago's first female president in 1980 and one of the earliest female members voted into The Cliff Dwellers Club. She served as their first female president in 1988–89.

"Gert was one of the first women architects I ever met," says Carol Ross Barney, FAIA. "I had read about her in the paper, and the first CWA meetings were held in her office. She was truly amazing—a force of nature. Without her, it would have taken a lot longer to make cracks in the ceiling."

AIA Chicago presented Gert with our Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. Karen Carter produced a film about Gert's life to mark the occasion which can be viewed here.

We extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends. Those who wish to honor Gert's legacy may do so in August, when a memorial will be held. Details will be announced soon.


Announcing 2016 Small Projects Award Winners!

Congratulations to the 2016 Small Projects Awards Winners! On May 5, AIA Chicago celebrated the winners and all submittors at the Small Projects LARGE PARTY, which took place at Architectural Artifacts. With over 800 attendees, this was our biggest LARGE PARTY to date.

Check out all submissions here. Special thanks goes to Semiosis Design, who generously built the site.

Read more about each project in Chicago Architect magazine.


Ask An Architect

AIA Chicago brings back Working With An Architect in Logan Square!

From greystones to bungalows, Chicago’s vintage homes are defined by their beauty, durability, and craftsmanship. However, many homebuyers have questions about how to best evaluate and update these homes to meet their current needs. Presented by members of the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects, this workshop will cover assessing common rehab problems, planning affordable improvements, and maximizing the health, safety, and energy efficiency benefits of your home.

After the workshop, participate in a free 15 minute session regarding your potential home rehab projects. Bring plans, drawings, ideas, or any other pertinent information about your home so the architects can assist you in the best possible way.

Learn more here, and join us on May 3 at the Logan Square branch of the Chicago Public Library.




To celebrate the smaller projects designed by architects,  AIA Chicago will display functional objects designed by Chicago architects on a rotating basis. Launched in early March, the exhibition showcases a range of talent that exists in our community.

"We'd like to remind those who come through our offices that architects are mutifaceted," sayd Zurich Esposito, executive director of AIA Chicago and whose office door opens to the exhibition space. "They are also often making objects by hand or in collaboration with local fabricators and craftspeople. They are using their talents and ingenuity in ways that the public doesn't often think about when it comes to architecture."

The first object displayed is Vojo Narancic, FAIA's ONA chair (pictured below)—a voluptuous furnishing that demonstrates the strength and flexibility of the carbon fiber material. The chair will be on display through June 2016; stay tuned for more announcements. ONA, by Vojo Narancic, FAIA


Tiny Homes Competition Winner Announced!

Chicago-based team wins the Tiny Homes Competition; cite personal connection to the city as an “extra incentive” to design the winning submission.


Chicago is one step closer to realizing a community without youth homelessness. The Tiny Homes Competition announces its winning project submission. Chicago-based Terry Howell, AIA, LEED GA (associate architect, Antunovich Associates), Marty Sandberg, AIA (partner, Via Chicago Architects), and Lon Stousland (associate architect, Antunovich Associates) have won the competition. They will receive a $5,000 cash prize and will build a prototype of their tiny house at the Pride Action Tank Tiny Homes Summit, taking place at UIC on April 18–19.

The Tiny Homes Competition is an international design competition launched in November 2015 which solicited speculative design proposals that would house Chicago’s youth experiencing homelessness in tiny homes. More than 250 submissions were received. It was organized by AIA Chicago, the AIA Chicago Foundation, Landon Bone Baker Architects, Windy City Times, Pride Action Tank and funded by the Alphawood Foundation.

The competition jury was made up of varying individuals working in housing for underserved communities. Juror Brent Brown, AIA, of bcworkshop in Dallas, TX, has designed a transitional tiny home community currently under construction. He was joined by Jeff Bone, AIA of Landon Bone Baker; Marisa Novara of the Metropolitan Planning Council; Sol Flores of La Casa Norte; and Benet Haller, Urban Planner at the City of Chicago. 

The team of Howell, Stousland and Sandberg met in the undergraduate design studios of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. After graduating in 2011, all three found their way to Chicago where they have continued to collaborate. With a background in traditional architecture and urban planning, they share a contextual approach to design. They believe in the power of architecture to reflect—and also influence— its surroundings, and see each project as an opportunity to make a tangible improvement to their built community.

Their design, entitled “A House for Living In”, incorporates a traditional, one-story “duplex” structure with shed roofing. It creates 11 individual tiny homes for college-age youth, along with an accompanying community space. Each unit is 336-square feet, and costs only $73.00 per square foot to construct.

According to the team, the design is a new take on the traditional Chicago courtyard-style building. Residents pass through a secured gate and access front doors through a shared courtyard that contains a community garden. Also shared are deep breezeways between individual tiny homes that serve as front porches. 

“The Tiny Homes Competition offered an exciting opportunity to apply our design approach in a familiar Chicago neighborhood, while exploring a unique housing model,” the winning team says. “Terry’s parents are long-time Bronzeville residents, and have hosted us for countless barbeque nights just two blocks from the competition site. Designing for a location with such a personal connection provided extra incentive—a chance to create something not simply beautiful, but also practical, contextual, and potentially transformative.”

Judging criteria included community planning, feasibility, creative problem solving, design quality, and program—how the design would help or hinder a youth homelessness transition plan.

Juror Benet Haller notes the big ideas and small details were well planned. He states, “The submission’s site and floor plans are very efficient. Locations for storage are well thought out and the sleeping area is nicely separated from the living area. The use of brick on the exterior is a nice touch. Everything about this submittal works well.”

Second, third and two honorable mentions are included in the final program: In second place was Dan Wheeler / Wheeler Kearns Architects; in third place, another Chicago team of Joe Villanti, AIA (senior project architect at Pappageorge Haymes), Tyler Hopwood (intern architect at Pappageorge Haymes) and Ryan Arnaudov, LEED AP BD&C (project architect, Pappageorge Haymes); Honorable Mentions were New York City-based architects David Bravo Salva and Blanca Rodriguez Peis; and Chicago-based Georgi Todorov (Pappageorge Haymes) and Petya Petrova (Pierre-Yves Rochon).


These projects will be showcased at AIA Chicago’s Small Projects Awards Party on May 5 at Architectural Artifacts. The event is free and open to the public.

Chicago-based company Price Construction will be building the model home for the Tiny Home Summit. For information on the summit, visit


Above: Wheeler Kearns's"Tiny Town" (second place)

Below: Tyler Hopwood (intern architect at Pappageorge Haymes) and Ryan Arnaudov, LEED AP BD&C (project architect, Pappageorge Haymes) in third place


Remembering Pat Rosenzweig

The Chicago architecture community industry mourns the passing of architectural marketing pioneer, Patricia Rosenzweig.

Pat passed December 19, 2015 after a brief illness.

With a background in statistics and social psychology, Pat Rosenzweig was a leader as one of the first marketers in the Chicago architectural community who was not an architect. She started the marketing group at Perkins & Will in the late 1970s after serving as their Director of Planning.

In 1986 Pat established her own consulting firm, Rosenzweig Professional Services Marketing, located in the Monadnock building. RPSM provided comprehensive marketing, public relations, graphic design and event planning services for a wide range of clients from solo practitioners to large companies in architecture, design and engineering, real estate, non-profit and retail, among others. With a small but dedicated staff, the firm provided guidance and created marketing and publicity campaigns and events resulting in new business and attention in local and national media for clients.

A highlight for Pat during this time was the opportunity to meet and photograph Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan and work with the 1985 Super Bowl Bears on the launch of their ‘Bear but Not Naked’ calendar with retail client the men’s clothier Bigsby & Kruthers. During this time, Pat was part of the steering committee for Chicago by Design, a program with AIA Chicago and the Chicago Architecture Foundation, to present a day of behind the scene ‘hardhat’ tours of newly completed and under construction buildings in downtown Chicago.

From 1995 until her retirement in 2007, Pat served as the Director of Marketing and Principal at OWP/P, now the Chicago office of CannonDesign.  Her impact was far-reaching; she was profoundly influential in her ability to coach, lead and nurture marketing and business development staff as well as architects, engineers and interior designers.

Her legacy included mentorship of professional and business staff in career development and strategic positioning for new business while working with leadership in the health, education, corporate-commercial and government practices.

“On a daily basis Pat worked closely with market leaders and others both developing overall strategies for business success and forming approaches to the pursuit of countless specific projects,” said John Syvertsen, FAIA, LEED AP, former President of OWP/P. “These were always rich experiences. Pat would patiently listen as all of us expounded our brilliant ideas and then, carefully and firmly, she would lay out what would almost inevitably be a wonderfully clear, coherent, and compelling idea. She always steered us to the highest ground, and was not always patient if any of us attempted to compromise the quality of the idea. We learned so much from her- from her knowledge and from her marvelous style.”

She was the Director of Marketing at OWP/P during a time of unprecedented growth and transformation. She was influential in the firm’s consolidation of Deerfield and Chicago offices into one city location to strategically position the firm in the City of Chicago. A few years later, the practice expanded to Phoenix, Arizona to target key markets. Under her leadership, the firm grew new practices and service lines including Corporate-Commercial and Facility Services. During her tenure, the firm grew to be the largest A/E office in the City of Chicago.

Pat was passionate about teaching the A/E industry the fundamentals of marketing, strategy and business development. She was influential beyond her marketing responsibilities at OWP/P by co-founding the first Learning Program for the practice. She contributed to The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice in a chapter titled “How Clients Select Architects.” Semi-annually, she visited University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign architectural classes to teach architectural students about the fundamentals of marketing. In her earliest years in the A/E industry she was a frequent presenter at SMPS Chicago.

Following her retirement, Pat began volunteering at her alma mater, the University of Chicago, in the Office of Career Advancement. She soon helped launch a new program and became a full-time career advisor for students interested in the public and social service sectors. Over the past five years, she ran a year-long job search intensive for high-achieving graduating seniors. She played a huge role in the lives of countless students and staff, remaining close to many as they graduated from the University and pursued high profile careers around the world. When she passed away, an online message board received almost 100 remembrances from students in just two days; all of these messages spoke to the straightforward advice and endless support Pat gave her students in her final years. The program she ran has now been named the Pat Rosenzweig Scholars Program in her honor.

In 2010, she received the 2010 Alumni Service Medal from University of Chicago for her years of tireless volunteerism. In addition to her work in the Office of Career Advancement, she played a pivotal role in founding UC2MC, the Chicago alumni club and volunteered in support of her College Reunion class.


Apply for the 2016 Martin Roche Travel Scholarship

Established in 1926 by architect Martin Roche, and administered by the AIA Chicago Foundation, the Martin Roche Travel Scholarship gives a student the opportunity to independently study architecture abroad.

Past awards have been granted to students who studied a diverse group of subjects, such as the transformation of brownfield sites in Germany; the relationship between design and crime in Medellin, Colombia; and modernist religious architecture in Italy. A grant of $5500 is available to students enrolled in an architecture program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Illinois Institute of Technology or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



Spring 2016 Awards Season is Upon Us!



AIA Chicago is accepting submissions to the 6th annual Small Projects Awards through March 10, 2016. AIA Chicago's annual Small Firm/Small Projects Award program recognizes high quality work from small architectural firms and exceptional small local projects. Submissions open February 1, 2016.

Presented by the AIA Chicago Small Practitioners Group, the goal of this award program is to raise public awareness of the value that architects bring to small projects and to promote small practitioners as a resource for design excellence. All firms in the competition have fewer than nine licensed architects and architectural interns.

Save the date:
Small Projects Awards Party
Thursday, May 5, 2016
Architectural Artifacts
4325 N. Ravenswood Drive, Chicago

Interested in being a sponsor for this event? Contact Debora Donato at 312.374.1726

2015 Martin Roche Travel Scholar Returns from Ecuador

Sponsored by the AIA Chicago Foundation, last year’s winner of the Martin Roche Travel Scholarship has returned from her trip to Ecuador. Her project, titled RADICAL URBANISM, took her to several sites that embody the country’s 30-year Citizen’s Revolution. These government-sponsored social and developmental projects range in size, scope and location. Sanchez’s winning proposal took to her these locations to study how Ecuador is using architecture and urbanism to declare a new democratic republic of “Good Living.”

Sanchez will present on her travels on February 24, 2016 at AIA Chicago.

AIA Chicago will be accepting submissions for the 2016 Martin Roche Travel Scholarships beginning February 8. Applications will be accepted through April 1, 2016. Visit for more information.


Announcing 2015 Professional Excellence Award Winners

Our annual Professional Excellence Awards recognize outstanding work made by firms and individuals in Chicago. The Firm of the Year Award was established in 1991 to recognize the breadth and depth of projects done by a firm throughout time; the Dubin Family Young Architect Award, established in 1983, recognizes the career of an architect aged 25 to 39. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes those (who might not be members) individual that have gone above and beyond to give back to the Chicago architectural community as a whole, including service to the profession, public service, and education.

2015 Firm of the Year Award Winner: Perkins+Will

The jury was most impressed by the expansive scope of projects by Perkins+Will—from smaller projects like Contemporaine to larger, more complex projects such as Jones College Prep—jurors remarked on their site-specificity. “Many of the projects are elegantly planned,” said one juror. “They are more grounded on specific sites, not just playing on the vernacular of the field.”

2015 Dubin Family Young Architect Award Winner: Chris-Annmarie Spencer, AIA, Wheeler-Kearns Architects

Chris-Ann, Jamaican by birth, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the Caribbean School of Architecture at the University of Technology in 1998. She moved to Chicago to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Chris-Ann has served as Project Architect for renovations of residences in Glencoe and Chicago. She recently completed an award winning project for Inspiration Kitchens and the Chicago region’s only high school for students with Learning Differences. In 2008, Chris-Ann and her husband Grant Gibson, an architect at Garafolo Architects won third place in the White House Redux Competition. Currently she assists on the project team for the Noble Network of Charter Schools Campus Improvements and Renovations.


2015 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Julia S. Bachrach is a Planning Supervisor for the Chicago Park District department of Planning and Development.  In this role, she serves as the historian and preservationist for the Chicago Park District.  Since joining the Chicago Park District as a consultant in 1988 and as a full time staff member the next year, she has the park district’s archival collections and conducts extensive research for landmark nominations, restoration projects, and public education initiatives. Julia has written and published extensively on the subject of Chicago’s historic parks.  Her books include The City in a Garden: A History of Chicago’s Parks and Inspired by Nature: The Garfield Park Conservatory and Chicago’s West Side (co-authored by Jo Ann Nathan). She has contributed to the Oxford Companion to the Garden, The Encyclopedia of Chicago, the AIA Guide to Chicago and Midwestern Landscape Architecture.


After nearly thirty years of service, Mary Woolever retired as archivist for the artists’ and architects’ papers in the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries of the Art Institute of Chicago  earlier this year.  During her years of memorable, dedicated employment, she has supported the research of thousands of students, scholars, academics, architects and authors.  A friend and ally to anyone with curiosity, her deep knowledge, skills and friendly demeanor, all shared generously, are known and appreciated widely in the architecture and design community. 

Ms. Woolever’s accomplishments at the Art Institute are numerous, and immeasurable.  She has curated numerous exhibits drawn from the collections, including those of Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, and Bruce Goff.  She was instrumental in the acquisition of the archives of Bertrand Goldberg, Walter Netsch, Harry and Ben Weese, the photographer Richard Nickel, and papers from several colleagues and students of Mies van der Rohe.

She also continues years of reliably diligent participation as a member of the AIA Chicago Foundation board of directors.  


Perkins+Will Awarded Prestigious MIES VAN DER ROHE AWARD for Innovation

The 2013 opening of the William Jones College Preparatory High School in downtown Chicago, designed by Perkins+Will, signaled a new era for students and new possibilities for urban school design. Jones College Prep masters the complexity of design in a tight urban space (100' x 400') in Chicago’s South Loop, with a seven-story building filled with light and open spaces for learning and congregating. Together with the renovation of the existing school next door, the new building nearly doubles the capacity of this high-performing public school. The design team provided full architectural and planning services for the project, which is currently pursuing LEED Gold certification. The Public Building Commission developed the project on behalf of Chicago Public Schools.

As the national Honor Awards jury noted, "There is a nice connection between the school and the city. It was obviously carefully conceived and articulated, inside and out, to take maximum advantage of a very tight site." In response to this space challenge, Perkins + Will vertically dispersed a 278,000 gross square foot program over eight occupied floors, rather than a typically horizontal configuration. Classroom spaces are located at the center of the school, on Levels 4 and 5, to provide optimum proximity to the shared curriculum spaces above and below.

The building’s design features numerous terraces that break down the mass and help distinguish the major program elements.  The majority of the eastern facade is composed of a random pattern of alternating window and colored insulated metal panel modules spanning between expressed floor slabs. North, South and Western facades, which are less visible, are intended to be simpler. Vertical and horizontal ribbon windows punctuate the simple massing, which is clad in insulated precast concrete panels, relating to the solidity of the masonry facades of the neighboring historic Dearborn Station and Printers Row area. This aspect of the design creates continuity with the surrounding buildings and reinforces a sense of neighborhood identity.

The Award presentation will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, October 3 in the Theater Auditorium, which is fitting considering the strong history of Performing Arts in the school. Colleagues from the Harvard School of Design conference, taking place in Chicago, will be in attendance following a tour. If you'd like to attend the ceremony, please contact Mary Young, AIA Illinois Program Director.


Chicago Architect Magazine to Devote Entire Issue to Chicago Architecture Biennial

Chicago Architect, the in-house magazine of the American Institute of Architects Chicago Chapter, will be devoting its September/October 2015 issue to exploring the theme of the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial, “The State of the Art of Architecture.”

“The State of the Art of Architecture” refers to Stanley Tigerman’s 1977 polemic that is driving the programmatic theme for the biennial organizers. For Chicago Architect, the theme will be used as a diving board for contributors to riff of Tigerman’s premise.

The issue will be organized across three sections: “Looking at Chicago”; “Learning from Chicago”; and “Chicago and the World.”

Contributors will include:

Stanley Tigerman, FAIA, introduction

Looking at Chicago
Aaron Betsky
Iker Gil
Alexander Eisenschmidt

Learning from Chicago
John Norquist
Michael Sorkin
Carol Ross Barney, FAIA

Chicago and the World
Gordon Gill, FAIA, and Ben Schulman
Tatiana Bilbao

In addition, the issue will contain a photographic essay of the city, with photographers Wayne Cable, Darris Lee Harris, Kate Joyce, David Seide, John Sturdy and Michael Wolf contributing.

The issue will serve as one of the defining pieces of text documenting the biennial event, and will be published in early September 2015.

In addition to the special Chicago Architect edition, AIA Chicago will also host a number of programs set to coincide with this year's biennial. 

What’s new and noteworthy from Chicago architects? 

AIA Chicago's 60th annual Design Excellence Awards will be announced on October 23, 2015.

Two programs - dates TBA - will take place after the ceremony to bring together some of the winners and discuss:

  • Design Excellence: High Design for Higher Education - Four architects present projects at colleges and universities in Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.
  • Design Excellence: Faith, Flight and Fanfare - Three architects present projects in Chicago and St. Louis.


Call for Submissions Now Open for AIA Chicago Professional Excellence Awards

The Call for Submissions for AIA Chicago's Professional Excellence Awards is now open.

See below for more information and links to detailed instructions and applications for the AIA Chicago Firm of the Year Award and the Dubin Family Young Architect Award. These awards will be presented at the chapter's Annual Meeting and Holiday Party in early December. Details on the party TBA.


The AIA Chicago Firm of the Year Award was established in 1991 to recognize outstanding achievements and excellence in the body of work produced by a firm over a period of time, and the ongoing contributions of the firm to the advancement of the architectural profession.

Firm principal(s) must be a member of AIA Chicago. Successor firms may be considered, as long as the collective body of work presented is that of a majority of the remaining principals.

Entries will be judged by a jury at another AIA chapter.

Submissions for the 2015 Firm of the Year Awards are currently being accepted until 5pm on September 17, 2015.

Click here to download application instructions.

Final applications can be uploaded via this link.


AIA Chicago’s Young Architect Award was established in 1983 to recognize excellence in ability and exceptional contributions by Chicago area architects between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-nine. In 2003, the Young Architect Award was renamed the Dubin Family Young Architect Award. Thanks to the generosity of the late M. David Dubin, FAIA, his family and friends, this award has been endowed with a cash prize. This award is administered by the AIA Chicago Foundation.

Submissions for the 2015 Young Architect Award are currently being accepted until 5pm on September 3, 2015.

Click here to download application instructions.

Final applications can be uploaded via this link.


Richard H. Driehaus to Receive 2015 AIA Chicago Lifetime Achievement Award

Award presentation to be made at Designight, 60th Annual Design Excellence Awards 

AIA Chicago has announced that it will present its 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award to philanthropist Richard H. Driehaus.

The presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be made during Designight, the 60th annual Design Excellence Awards, to be held Friday, October 23 at Navy Pier’s Grand Ballroom. The awards program honors the year’s best in Chicago architecture and the worldwide work of Chicago-area firms.

Driehaus is the founder of Driehaus Capital Management, a Chicago-based investment management firm. While most associated with preservation and championing classical principles in planning and architecture, Driehaus has also supported contemporary awards programs and work from firms as varied as Urban Works, Landon Bone Baker Architects, John Ronan Architects and others. Through his sponsorship and philanthropy, Driehaus has shown a dedication to work that betters the public realm in many disciplines.

The Richard H. Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture is one example of Driehaus’s commitment to architectural and design excellence.  The prize was created in 2003, and has been administered by The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture since. The prize, with its $200,000 stipend, is awarded annually.

“Beauty, harmony, and context are hallmarks of classical architecture, thus fostering communities, enhancing the quality of our shared environment, and developing sustainable solutions through traditional materials,” Driehaus said in a quote on the university’s school of architecture’s website.

The headquarters of Driehaus Captial Management is housed in the landmark Henry Ives Cobb-designed Ransom Cable House on East Erie Street in Chicago.  The Richard H. Driehaus Museum is located diagonally across from the Ransom Cable House in the Edward Burling-designed Samuel Nickerson House, considered among the most important examples of Gilded Age-period architecture that survives.

The Nickerson House, acquired at the museum’s founding in 2003, underwent a five-year period of restoration and preservation work and includes surviving period furnishings.  These are displayed with historically appropriate pieces from the Driehaus Collection of Fine and Decorative Arts, including works by the Herter Brothers and Louis Comfort Tiffany. 

Driehaus has also established the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.  The foundation works across many spectrums – Arts & Culture, the Built Environment, Economic Opportunity for the Working Poor, and Government Accountability/Investigative Reporting – to pursue its mission of increasing equity and sustaining the cultural, economic and environmental life of the city and region.

Driehaus has sponsored numerous competitions throughout Chicago, including the IIT Campus Center competition won by Rem Koolhaas, The Millennium Park Lurie Garden commission won by Katherine Gustafson and the Burnham Memorial contest won by Woodhouse Tinucci Architects. His support has helped give life to exhibits at the Chicago Architecture Foundation and The Art Institute of Chicago, including “Issues for the New Millennium,” “Cities in Crisis,” and the Bertrand Goldberg retrospective, the design of which was recognized with a Design Excellence Award from AIA Chicago.

“Richard’s engagement with preservation, his recognition of working architects, and his philanthropic reach have had an immeasurable impact on the practice,” said Zurich Esposito, executive vice president of AIA Chicago.  “His commitment to classical architectural and planning ideas, forms and principles – coupled with his willingness to support and embolden those actively working in the profession – has left a lasting legacy on the contemporary landscape.”

Last year’s winner of the AIA Chicago Lifetime Achievement Award was John Vinci, FAIA.  Previous winners include Stanley Tigerman, Natalie de Blois, Walter Netsch, John Holabird Jr., and jointly, Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett, among others.

Designight, the 60th annual Design Excellence Awards, will be held Friday, October 23, at the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom.  The event starts at 5:30 p.m. 

Host of Designight is Milos Stehlik, director and co-founder of Chicago's Facets Multi-Media. 

For more information on Designight, click here.


2015 Chicago Student Awards in Architecture Winners Announced

Each year, AIA Chicago convenes a jury to award The Chicago Award in Architecture, a competition of student projects. The project awarded first place is honored with the the Benn-Johnck Award, in the amount of $500.

This year, the Benn-Johnck Award was given to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee tandem Daniel Causier and Matt Moulis for their project, "Restraining Order: An Urban Capuchin Monastery."

"Restraining Order: An Urban Capuchin Monastery" is focused on the design of a monastery for Capuchin Franciscan friars in Milwaukee’s central city. The complex was designed  to occupy an entire city block and contain living units for 25 friars plus guest accommodations, as well as a church and cloister, a small library, a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a health clinic and a cemetery space for deceased friars. The program also called for 50,000 square feet of orchard and gardens intended for growing fruit and vegetables to supplement the friary and community kitchens.

"It’s simple and elegant. Very well-thought-out design concept," a juror said. "It evokes a peaceful urban setting."

Download the full "Restraining Order" plan here.

Second place was given to the "Detroit Market Hall" plan from IIT students Sepideh Asadi Jouzani and Melina de Oliveira. The plan, called a "topical design problem and concept" by a juror, re-imagines the fallow and infamous Packard Automotive Plant into a thriving community hub of "agriculture, digital manufacturing and culinary skills." 

Download the "Detroit Market Hall" plan here.

Third place was awarded to "Riyadh General Hospital," a proposal from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign students Joshua Chen and Jienan Zhang. "A sophisticated solution that grapples with religion and gender issues," was how a juror characterized the plan to bring a new hospital typology to Saudi Arabia's capital city.

Download the "Riyadh General Hospital" plan here.

An honorable mention was given to Washington University's Joe DiBella for his "Industrial Park" design, a plan to revision the industrial and ecological processes associated with rain- and wastewater catchment along riparian corridors in and around St. Louis. 

Download the "Industrial Park" plan here.


AIA Chicago BRIDGE is Back

Bridge is celebrating its sixth year as the highly successful mentoring program sponsored by AIA Chicago, the College of Fellows and the Young Architects Forum. It was created to provide Young Architects and Associate AIA members with access to local AIA Fellows (FAIA), leaders and designers from the architectural community.

This training and leadership program requires active participation in a mentorship setting. Emerging Professionals interested in participating should have proven leadership and a willingness to learn. The Bridge program participants can range from recent graduates to Young Architects licensed 10 years or less.

Overview of Program

This program intends to Bridge the gap between the need for mentorship in our profession and the ability of experienced architects to pass on what they have learned to the future generation of architects. 

Each selected Bridge participant will be paired with a local AIA Fellow acting as their mentor. The program will incorporate informal social events and organized mentorship discussions focusing the conversation on past experiences, career development, and the future of the architectural profession. Throughout the program, the mentors and their mentees will also meet in a one-on-one setting to informally discuss specific professional goals while further developing and strengthening their relationship.

The program benefits include an opportunity to be mentored by experienced professionals and FAIA members. Participants will develop communication and relationship skills, advance professional skills, expand professional and personal networks, experience team performance, and develop community leadership.


If you are interested in participating in this program, please download and fill out the application form and submit the completed form along with your resume to no later than 6:00pm CT on Friday, August 7th, 2015.

Selection of Participants

A maximum of 16 participants will be selected by a committee made up of members of the AIA Chicago Board of Directors and representatives of the College of Fellows. Individuals who submit an application will be notified by email no later than August 14th, 2015 if they have or have not been selected to participate in the Bridge program.


  • Introductory Session for Mentors:  Mid-August 2015

  • Introductory Session for Mentees: Mid-August 2015

  • Meet-Up #1:  Late August 2015

  • Meet-Up #2:  Mid-September 2015

  • Meet-Up #3:  Early October 2015

  • Meet-Up #4:  Late October 2015

  • Meet-Up #5:  Mid November 2015

Throughout the program, we encourage a minimum of two informal, one-on-one meetings between mentor and mentee.


Save the Date: 60th Annual Designight, Friday, October 23, 2015


Join us for the 60th annual Designight celebration on Friday, October 23, 2015 at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom, hosted by emcee Milos Stehlik of Facets Multi-media.

Purchase your tickets now.

Come celebrate and honor the receipent of the 2015 AIA Chicago Lifetime Achievement Award, Richard H. Driehaus.

Designight 2015 Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring?

Click here to commit.

For more information, contact Debora Donato by email or 312.374.1726

Visit the archive of Design Excellence Awards winners.


AIA National Honors AIA Chicago for Development of Black Spectacles’ Online ARE Course Program

In May 2014, the online architecture education company Black Spectacles partnered with AIA Chicago to launch the world's first web-based program to help architects pass the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). Now, AIA National and Black Spectacles have launched the courses as an official AIA product, showing how the program is poised to grow from its nascent beginnings in Chicago.

AIA Chicago, Black Spectacles founder and AIA Member Marc Teer,   and course instructor Mike Newman of SHED 5tudio—who has taught an in-person ARE course at AIA Chicago’s offices for years—collaborated on the initial production, development and distribution of the online program. The collaborative effort was immediately embraced by those seeking a convenient way to study for the ARE exam, and a further expansion of the program with AIA National made sense to meet growing demand..

The course, now rebranded as “AIA ARE Prep: Powered by Black Spectacles,” is offered as an official product of AIA National at a discounted rate to all AIA members and can be accessed through the AIA National web site.

And the program continues to grow from its beginnings as an AIA Chicago offshoot.

Teer and Newman plan to expand the online offerings to include a broader range of topics, as well as interviews and other types of videos to help people view the information in different ways.   

As a result of AIA Chicago’s involvement of helping the platform get off the ground, AIA Chicago executive vice president Zurich Esposito  was honored with a certificate of appreciation during the AIA CACE meeting at the 2015 AIA Convention in Atlanta.  Later this summer, AIA Chicago program director Joan Pomaranc and Mike Newman will be similarly honored.

AIA Chicago executive vice president Zurich Esposito, with Deborah M. DeBernard, AIA, NCARB, AIBC-Architect, LEED BD+C Senior Vice President, Global Innovation, receiving a certificate of appreciation during the AIA CACE meeting at the 2015 AIA Convention in Atlanta.


Building off of AIA Chicago-led Development, AIA and Black Spectacles Launch the Future of ARE® Prep

AIA has partnered with Black Spectacles to provide associates with an exclusive member-only discount on ARE Prep video tutorials. The online courses were developed in concert with staff from AIA Chicago, which helped administer, develop and distribute the programs.

Building off of AIA Chicago's decades-long program to help architects prepare to pass the Architecture Registration Exam, longtime ARE Prep teacher Mike Newman brings his wildly popular classes online.

Available as an annual or monthly subscription, AIA ARE Prep: Powered by Black Spectacles now offers benefits to all AIA Members including:

• Unlimited access to 40+ hours of ARE prep online video tutorials anytime, anywhere, from any device

• Top quality content utilizing the latest best practices in adult learning presentation style

• Flexible subscription packages - monthly or annual

• A 15 percent, AIA member discount

Learn more direct via AIA National.


Winners of the Fifth Annual AIA Chicago Small Projects Awards

AIA Chicago's annual Small Firm/Small Projects Award program recognizes high quality work from small architecture firms and exceptional small local projects.

Presented by the AIA Chicago Small Practitioners Group, the goal of this award program is to raise public awareness of the value that architects bring to small projects and to promote small practitioners as a resource for design excellence. All firms in the competition have fewer than nine licensed architects and architectural interns.

This year's winners were honored at the Small Projects Awards Party at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago on Friday, May 1.


Click here to see the galleries of all the winning projects and submissions.

Read the 2015 Small Projects Awards-dedicated issue of Chicago Architect magazine.

View Images from the Small Projects Awards Party

Congrats to all the winners and entrants of the 2015 AIA Chicago Small Projects Awards. A fantastic party for all!ALL IMAGES BY BILL GNECH, THE APPLE GROUP

Posted by AIA Chicago on Monday, May 4, 2015



2015 Small Projects Awards Sponsors

2015 JURY

Frank Christopher Lee, FAIA,. Johnson & Lee, Ltd.

Jeffrey L. Day, AIA, Min Day

Elizabeth Fenner, Editor in Chief, Chicago Magazine

Paul Florian, FAIA, Florian Architects

Jennifer Park, AIA, Adjunct Professor, IIT; A Jurassic Studio


Images from Positioning Pullman Workshop

AIA Chicago and the National Parks Conservation Association, with support from Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, and Alphawood Foundation, recently hosted "Positioning Pullman," a collaborative ideas workshop intended to make the Pullman neighborhood stronger, the national park visitor experience richer, and the adjacent neighborhoods, attractions, and region better-connected.

Over the course of three days, teams of volunteer urban planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, economists and historians convened to contribute their time and expertise in support of Pullman National Monument. See select images below and via this link.


Images of the displays and Open House even at "Positioning Pullman," a collaborative ideas workshop hosted by the...

Posted by AIA Chicago on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Images from "Positioning Pullman," a collaborative ideas workshop hosted by the National Parks Conservation Association...

Posted by AIA Chicago on Monday, April 20, 2015


5th Annual AIA Chicago Small Projects Party: Friday, May 1

AIA Chicago hosts the 5th annual Small Projects Awards Party, honoring the best small-scale architectural projects across Chicagoland. This lively event aims to raise public awareness of the value that architects bring to small projects and to promote small practitioners as a resource for design excellence.

Are you an architect, landscape architect, interior designer or engineer wanting to connect with other top designers and architects? A homeowner looking to remodel? A business owner hoping to expand?

On Friday, May 1, come see the best residential, commercial and institutional projects of the past year. 

Make new connections in the design community and enjoy a casual yet energizing evening at Architectural Artifacts.

Friday / May 01, 2015 / 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Small Projects Awards & Exhibit
Architectural Artifacts, 4325 N. Ravenswood Avenue

Register for the event by clicking here.


2015 Small Projects Awards Sponsors


Positioning Pullman: Collaborative Ideas Workshop for America’s Newest National Monument

Positioning Pullman: Collaborative Ideas Workshop for America's Newest National Monument

Supported in part by Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, and Alphawood Foundation

On February 19, 2015,  President Obama visited Chicago's Historic Pullman District to establish the district as a National Monument within the National Park System.

Positioning Pullman is a collaborative ideas workshop hosted by the National Parks Conservation Association and the Chicago chapter of The American Institute of Architects.

Over the course of three days, teams of volunteer urban planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, economists and historians will convene to contribute their time and expertise in support of Pullman National Monument.

You're invited to attend the following events:

Thursday, April 16, 6:30pm-8:30pm:
Public Kick-off Community Meeting
Greenstone Church, 11211 South St. Lawrence Ave., Chicago  

Saturday, April 18, Noon-3pm:
Design Workshop Open House
Factory Building, 11057 South Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago

On Friday, April 17th, design teams will brainstorm ideas and recommendations to make the Pullman neighborhood stronger, the national park visitor experience richer, and the adjacent neighborhoods, attractions, and region better-connected. Design concepts will be unveiled on Saturday, April 18th.

For further questions, please contact AIA Chicago via


AIA Chicago to Hold “Ask an Architect” Sessions at Chicago Bungalow & Vintage Home Expo 2015

Chicago Bungalow & Vintage Home Expo 2015

AIA Chicago will be conducting special "Ask an Architect" sessions at the upcoming Chicago Bungalow and Vintage Home Expo (North).


"Ask an Architect" sessions are designed to bring together residential architects and homeowners to talk about how to choose the right architect, navigate zoning and permitting regulations, and avoid costly surprises. AIA Chicago members will be on hand at the Expo 2015 to address any and all questions homeowners may have about working with an architect on their project.

"Our 2014 'Ask an Architect' experience with the Historic Chicago Bungalow Expo was fantastic. We had lines of homeowners wanting to discuss their bungalow renovation issues. We were helping so many homeowners that they almost had to kick us out the door at the end of the event!"  - Kenneth E. Casey, AIA Chicago "Ask an Architect" presenter, NOMA, President, KASI designs, P. C.




The Chicago Bungalow and Vintage Home Expo (North) is Chicago's largest and most popular home restoration, preservation and sustainable renovation event.

Registration is now open for the 2015 Expo (North), to be held on Saturday, April 18, from 10am to 1pm at McFetridge Sports Center at 3843 N. California Ave, Chicago.



Call for Entries: 2015 AIA Chicago Design Excellence Awards

AIA Chicago presents the 60th annual Design Excellence Awards, which honor the best work by Chicago architecture firms found worldwide.

This year, the submission period runs from Wednesday, March 18 to Wednesday, May 20, 6pm CST.


This year, AIA Chicago has moved to a brand new awards submission system for the Design Excellence Awards.  

Logins from previous years are no longer active.

 Click here to start an application.

NOTE: If you're already registered for an account with the AIA Chicago ArchitectFinder OR if you submitted to the

2015 AIA Chicago Small Projects Awards, you may use those credentials to log in to the awards submission site.  

Click here to log into the competition dashboard. 


 Click here for the full rules regarding eligibility and submissions.


The 60th annual Designight awards gala will be held
on Friday, October 23, 2015 at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom.


2015 Small Projects Awards

AIA Chicago's annual Small Firm/Small Projects Award program recognizes high quality work from small architectural firms and exceptional small local projects.

Presented by the AIA Chicago Small Practitioners Group, the goal of this award program is to raise public awareness of the value that architects bring to small projects and to promote small practitioners as a resource for design excellence. All firms in the competition have fewer than nine licensed architects and architectural interns.


Please save the date and regIster here for the Small Projects Awards Party.

Friday, May 1, 5:30-8:30 pm
Architectural Artifacts
4325 N. Ravenswood Ave, Chicago

2015 Small Projects Sponsors:


Apply for the 2015 Martin Roche Travel Scholarship

Established in 1926 by architect Martin Roche, and administered by the AIA Chicago Foundation, the Martin Roche Travel Scholarship gives a student the opportunity to independently study architecture abroad.

Past awards have been granted to students who studied a diverse group of subjects, such as the transformation of brownfield sites in Germany; the relationship between design and crime in Medellin, Colombia; and modernist religious architecture in Italy.

A grant of $5000 is available to students enrolled in an architecture program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Illinois Institute of Technology or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Applications are being accepted through Friday, March 27 for the 2015 Roche Scholarship.

Download application and full instructions by clicking here.


AIA Chicago Kicks Off New Year with Redesign of Chicago Architect Magazine

Chicago Architect, AIA Chicago's in-house magazine, is one of the leading editorial voice's covering Chicago's architectural community.

Now, to better reflect AIA Chicago's vision, Chicago Architect has been redesigned to better bring you architectural insight in a concise, engaging and downright good-looking fashion.

Download the latest issue of Chicago Architect now and get the inside scoop on how big data is transforming architectural practice, read a retrospective on the work of modern master Ike Colburn, and take a visit to Nicholas Design Collaborative's new Edgewater Glen "Periscope House," along with much, much more.


AIA Chicago to Honor Geoffrey Baer with 2014 Distinguished Service Award

The AIA Chicago board of directors has selected Geoffrey Baer as the recipient of the 2014 AIA Chicago Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes individuals and organizations who have given outstanding service to the Chicago architectural community as a whole, including service to the profession, public service or education.

Baer, an award-winning television producer, writer and host, is one of the most visible faces in the world of Chicago architecture. A constant on local public television station WTTW, Baer is a vocal champion of Chicago's architectural history, having produced and starred in documentaries such as Chicago's Loop: A New Walking Tour, Chicago's Lakefront, Chicago by Boat, among others, and in his weekly segment on the program "Chicago Tonight," where he fields questions about Chicago's architecture and history. More recently, Baer hosted the national PBS special Ten Buildings that Changed America and is currently working on a three-part series about the homes, parks and towns that changed America. Baer also contributed the preface to the recently released third edition of the AIA Guide to Chicago.

Baer is a board member of The Art Institute of Chicago's Architecture + Design Society and an emeritus board member of the Lookingglass Theater Company. His numerous awards and honors include recognition from the National Association of Broadcasters, U.S. International Film and Video Festival, Society of Architectural Historians,  American Society of Landscape Architects, the CPB Gold Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Emmy Awards.

Baer will be presented with the AIA Chicago Distinguished Service Award at AIA Chicago’s joint holiday party with SMPS, on Monday, December 8, 5pm, at Studio Paris, 59 W. Hubbard St. During the program, he will engage in a lively Q&A.

Tickets are available online by clicking here.


Nootan Bharani, AIA, Recognized as Dubin Family Young Architect

Nootan Bharani, AIA, the Lead Design Manager for Place Lab, a project of the Arts and Public Life Initiative at The University of Chicago, has been recognized as AIA Chicago’s Dubin Family Young Architect of the Year.

The award, made possible by an endowment from the late M. David Dubin, FAIA, and administered by the AIA Chicago Foundation, recognizes excellence in ability and exceptional contributions by a Chicago-area architect between the ages of 25 and 39.

"I’m thrilled to receive the Dubin Family Young Architect award," Bharani said upon learning of her honor.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in architecture, Bharani was previously Managing Director for CB&I Sustainable Design Solutions of Illinois. Her consulting work focused on sustainability and energy efficiency, and included architectural design projects, retro-commissioning of existing buildings, utility program implementation, energy code review and analysis, and development of best practice environmental guidelines and sustainability plans for communities. While at CB&I, Bharani served as the deputy project manager for the Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda.

Additionally, Bharani is a co-founder of the Community Interface Committee at the AIA Chicago. She acted as co-chair for the group from its founding in 2009 through 2013, and received the 2012 AIA Chicago President’s Recognition acknowledging her work and leadership in the Chicago community. Bharani has spoken extensively at regional and national conferences on community and sustainability topics, and is a vocal design activist in her community.

"My career hasn’t followed the traditional trajectory, and in acknowledging my work, the 2014 award is recognizing the expanding role of architects," Bharani said. "And that’s really great for the profession."

Come celebrate Bharani's award at AIA Chicago’s joint holiday party with SMPS, on Monday, December 8, 5pm, at Studio Paris, 59 W. Hubbard St.

Tickets are available online by clicking here.


Landon Bone Baker Architects Honored as 2014 AIA Chicago Firm of the Year

Noted for their commitment to social justice and invigorating neighborhoods through urban design, Landon Bone Baker Architects (LBBA) has been named the 2014 AIA Chicago Firm of the Year. Established in 1991, the award recognizes a single firm’s outstanding achievements, consistent excellence and ongoing contributions to the advancement of the architectural profession.

"Landon Bone Baker Architects embraces the challenge of building for the neediest members of our society and accomplishes it contextually and sustainably on minuscule budgets...but with great architectural integrity," a juror said.

Driven by the credo that "good design is for everyone," LBBA has been improving the urban condition through incremental interventions in the cityscape since its founding in 1987. Principals Peter Landon, FAIA, Jeff Bone, AIA and Catherine Baker, AIA, and their team work to produce buildings and plans that translate the principles of public interest design - a participatory design process meant to equate ecological, financial and social costs - into reality.

The firm's portfolio includes the revitalization of numerous Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) developments, including Chinatown's Archer Courts, the Near North Side's Parkside of Old Town and Greater Grand Crossing's Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative, a transformation of the former CHA Dante Harper Housing Project and a collaboration with Theaster Gates and his Rebuild Foundation.

In 2013, Harvest Commons Apartments, a transformation of the transient Viceroy Hotel on the city's West Side redeveloped with Heartland Housing, was honored with a Distinguished Building Award at AIA Chicago’s 58th Annual Design Excellence Awards. The project, which includes 89 below-market affordable housing units and an additional 17 units of transitional housing for women recently released from prison, is a rehabilitation of a classic Art Deco building that had fallen into disrepair.

Harvest Commons Apartments, Chicago, IL. (Photo: Wayne Cable)

LBBA is "a Chicago firm, working in the local idiom, respectfully," a juror said. The firm employs an outlook that "not just downtown buildings will save the city," another juror added. This belief in the power of community-driven planning to enact equitable and livable design standards at the human scale is further evidenced by the neighborhood-based programs the firm runs.

The LBBA Community Workshop is a summer program for high school students and college-age mentors interested in design. The workshop provides an entry point for young designers to participate in community design and empowers local residents to affect their environment through the design process. Landon Bone Baker Architects has hosted four Lab programs through the LBBA Community Workshop to date: ShadeLab, airLab, airLab 2.0, and cityLab.

Join AIA Chicago in honoring Landon Bone Baker Architects and celebrate their award at AIA Chicago’s joint holiday party with SMPS, on Monday, December 8, 5pm, at Studio Paris, 59 W. Hubbard St.

Tickets are available online by clicking here.


AIA Chicago Healthcare Knowledge Community Presents “Consumer-Driven Healthcare: A Four Part Series”

Presented by HermanMiller Nemschoff, the AIA Chicago Healthcare Knowledge Community has programmed a four-part series on the future of healthcare clinics titled, "Consumer-Driven Healthcare: Building the Future of the Retail Healthcare Experience."

Events will be held from September through December. Click on the banner below for full insight and access to all four events.


2014 Chicago Student Awards in Architecture Winners Announced

Each year, AIA Chicago convenes a jury to award The Chicago Award in Architecture, a competition of student projects. The project awarded first place is honored with the the Benn-Johnck Award, in the amount of $500.

This year, the Benn-Johnck Award was given to Washington University student Allison Conley for her proposal "Perceived Fragmentation."

"Perceived Fragmentation" aims to activate the St. Louis riverfront through human motion. The project proposes a school of dance and performance art that, through a series of formal and informal performance venues, merges the performance and public realm.

Download the full "Perceived Fragmentation" plan here.

In addition to Conley's honor, "Solar Frame," submitted by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students Mike Zhou and Dustin Roosa, received an honorable mention. "Solar Frame" is an adaptive reuse proposal to bring new life to AT&T's Chicago HQ.

Download the "Solar Frame" plan here.


John Vinci, FAIA, To Be Awarded AIA Chicago’s 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Few architects honor the past and envision the future as clearly as John Vinci, FAIA, who will be honored with the AIA Chicago Lifetime Achievement Award at Designight on Friday, October 24. The 59th annual awards night will also honor the year’s best in Chicago architecture and the worldwide work of Chicago-area firms. Last year, 35 awards across four categories were presented at an event attended by nearly 1,000 people at the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier.

Vinci, 77, has been practicing architecture since he graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in 1960. A collaborator with famed architectural photographer Richard Nickel, Vinci is known for his staunch, outspoken defense of classic Chicago architecture over the past 50 years.  From his initial preservation work as a student - organizing an IIT exhibition on the work of Adler & Sullivan or salvaging ornamentation from the then soon to be demolished Garrick Theater - he has played an integral part in the preservation and restoration of works from architects as varied as Frank Lloyd Wright to modernists Ed Barnes, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Eero Saarinen. Among his numerous restoration projects, Vinci was instrumental in the salvation and reconstruction of Louis Sullivan’s Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room.

“John is both a consummate designer and life-long advocate and practitioner of preserving Chicago’s historic architecture,” Bonnie McDonald, president of Landmarks Illinois says. “Because of his leadership and perseverance, some of Sullivan’s and Wright’s greatest works have been restored for generations to enjoy. And his dedication to the legacy of Adler and Sullivan, especially as documented by the late Chicago photographer Richard Nickel, resulted in The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan – a book that will continue to motivate all of us to preserve Chicago’s great architecture.”

Equally adept at developing a vision for new spaces, Vinci is well known for his art exhibit installations at The Art Institute of Chicago and other museums and galleries. Vinci’s architectural portfolio includes the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame, the Arts Club of Chicago and numerous award-winning residences.

“No one has moved so effortlessly from past to present to future as John Vinci,” says AIA Chicago executive vice president Zurich Esposito. “His designs are rooted in history and informed by his scholarship yet most certainly of our time.”

Vinci, who began his career at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, and worked in the offices of architect Crombie Taylor and firm Brenner Danforth Rockwell, has led Vinci|Hamp Architects, Inc. since 1995, along with Philip Hamp, FAIA. He has served as a professor at Roosevelt University and IIT, published numerous articles on architectural issues and maintains an active role in Chicago’s visual arts community. Vinci was elected to the AIA College of Fellows in 1990.

Last year’s winner of the AIA Chicago Lifetime Achievement Award was Stanley Tigerman of Tigerman McCurry Architects. Past winners include Helmut Jahn, Ben Weese, Walter Netsch, John Holabird Jr., Gertude Kerbis, Natalie de Blois, and jointly, Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett.

Vinci will receive the Lifetime Achievement award Friday, October 24 at Designight, which will be held at the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier.




Vinci at the 2011 Landmarks Illinois Gala. (Above)

Vinci working on the Auditorium Theatre, Chicago. Photo by Richard Nickel, courtesy of the Richard Nickel Foundation.


AIA Guide to Chicago, 3rd Edition Released

The AIA Guide to Chicago is the premier guide to Chicago's endless architectural treasures.

With the guidebook in hand, residents and visitors alike are led through the works of Sullivan, Burnham, Wright, van der Rohe, Weese, Netsch and countless others who have shaped Chicago into a world capital of architecture. From the invention of the skyscraper to the Bungalow Belt, Chicago's cityscape is a living history of architectural innovation and influence.

The third edition of the AIA Guide to Chicago brings readers up to date on ten years (2nd edition, published 2004) of dynamic changes, including projects such as Studio Gang's Aqua, SOM's Trump Tower, and numerous others.

Click here to pre-order your copy of the book.


Winners of the AIA Chicago 2014 Small Projects Awards

The winners of the 2014 Small Projects Awards were announced in a ceremony and reception at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago on Friday, May 9.

A crowd of nearly 400 was on hand to witness 13 firms take home awards during the fourth annual Small Projects Awards event. Four firms were awarded Honors, eight were given Citations of Merit and one project was distinguished with an Honorable Mention.

A complete listing of all winners - and entries - can be found on the AIA Chicago Small Projects website and the latest issue of Chicago Architect.

The Small Projects Awards is presented by the AIA Chicago Small Practitioners Group with a goal of raising public awareness of the value that architects bring to small projects and to promote small practitioners as a resource for design excellence. All firms in the competition fewer than nine licensed architects and architectural interns.

This year’s winners include:

dSPACE Studio’s The Wave – Honor Award

Johnson & Lee Architects and Planners’ Ping Tom Park Boathouse – Honor Award

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects’ Harbert Cottage – Honor Award

Paul Preissner Architects’ Two Barns – Honor Award

Bureau of Architecture and Design’s Little You – Citation of Merit

Dirk Denison Architects’ Cell Table – Citation of Merit

dSPACE Studio’s Atrium House – Citation of Merit

Kuklinski + Rappe Architects’ Woodland Dune Home Citation of Merit

Lawton Stanley Architects’ Grace Restaurant – Citation of Merit

Longo Park Design Workshop’s Onward Reception Wall – Citation of Merit

Vinci | Hamp Architects’ The Club for Modern Fashions – Citation of Merit

Wrap Architecture’s Safe House – Citation of Merit

IIT’s Barnsworth Exhibiton Center – Special Recognition


Every year, a jury of acclaimed practitioners and experts in design and architecture review the submitted works.

This year’s jury included:

Chris Cooper, AIA – Cooper Joseph Studio, New York, NY

Carolyn Armenta Davis, Hon. AIA – Architectural historian and writer, Chicago

Chris Force – Editor/publisher of Design Bureau and Green Building + Design, Chicago

Mark Peters, AIA – Studio Dwell, Chicago

Vladimir Radunty, AIA – SIDE Architecture, Chicago


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