Huntsman Architectural Group

111 West Illinois St, Fifth Floor
Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: (312) 278-1157

Services Provided

Interior Design, Remodel, Restoration/Preservation, Planning/Urban Design, Green/Sustainable Building, Universal Design/Accessibility

Residential Building Types

Single Family, Multi-Unit, Mixed-Use

Commercial Building Types

Mixed-Use, Retail, Office

About Us

We elevate the human experience by designing places that connect, sustain, and inspire. Our work prioritizes human wellbeing, social impact, and environmental stewardship. We collaboratively explore our clients’ unique aspirations and culture and together we create places with meaning. Huntsman Architectural Group includes over 100 architects, interior designers, and creative staff in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. While our work has been recognized with numerous awards and publications worldwide, we are far more interested in elevating experiences for our clients and strengthening our local communities and the design profession. Our reputation is earned every day through the quality of our design, high level of service, and singular focus on our clients’ goals.