Future Firm

3149 S. Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60608

Phone: (815) 790-2037

Services Provided

New Building, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Construction Management, Remodel, Planning/Urban Design

Residential Building Types

Single Family, Multi-Unit, High-Rise, Mixed-Use

Commercial Building Types

Mixed-Use, Retail, Office, Industrial

About Us

Future Firm is a Chicago-based architectural office. It was founded by Craig Reschke and Ann Lui and has won awards for research and practice. After working in offices on mostly foreign, large-scale projects, we started Future Firm to explore how architecture can more methodologically describe and affect the built environment through landscape, culture, and society. Future Firm focuses on projects which build from engaged relationships with clients and is driven by opportunities undertake innovative research in the building industry. As we grow, we’re seeking clients with similar aims in their own fields. We’re young, hungry, and believe we can leverage our experience at some of the world’s most recognized architecture firms in the framework of a nimble, highly personalized architectural services practice. Our small size allows us to collaboratively and responsively engage our clients. In addition, we also deliver landscape design, neighborhood assessments and analysis, citywide mapping, and regional design agendas. Along with the firm’s built work we also maintain a research agenda that includes experimental engagements with public place, real estate finance, and critical art practice. Beyond delivering projects on time and on budget, we believe we can uniquely interpret and translate our clients’ needs into cutting edge architectural space.