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Joliet Treatment Center, the latest in medical and mental health treatment for people in custody


Today, the single largest challenge in the world of justice is the identification, care and treatment of people with highly acute mental health issues, and the associated medical issues that come with that.   In today’s facilities, people that have committed crime and are detained exhibit at least mild mental health issues over 70% of the time.  And although it is commonly believed that a custody setting is not optimum as a therapeutic environment, due to many social factors, including a newly rising uptick in murder of 30% nationally, our justice system is required to deal with this population.  Based on that recognition, there is a new movement to move away from traditionally punitive or ‘warehouse’ environments towards therapeutic, healing ones.  The Illinois Department of Corrections has made a tremendous commitment to this new approach with the new facility at the Joliet Treatment Center.  This new hospital includes 150 acute mental health beds and 50 acute medical beds that will serve the current facility and other surrounding ones.  This facility, not yet finished, is already serving as a model nationwide, and we will use this opportunity to present the circumstances that created this facility, the vision that guided it and the actual results from the collaborative effort that took place.


  • Jeff Goodale, AIA, HOK
  • Dave Redemske, ACHA, CCHP, HDR Inc.
  • John Baldwin, past Director, Illinois Department of Corrections

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Speaker Biographies:

Jeff Goodale, AIA, Director of Justice Design and Planning at HOK, has been working in this industry for 35 years. His particular emphasis has been on specialty beds for with mental health, medical and gender issues over the last decade, as well as justice centers in large metropolitan areas and here around the Chicago area. Recent work has included new justice centers in Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Nashville, and new mental health facilities for corrections departments in Illinois, Florida, California, Ohio and other states. 

Dave Redemske, ACHA, CCHP, is an architect and Health Planning Principal at HDR Inc. with over 29 years of industry experience. A Certified Correctional Health Professional from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, he was the recipient of HDR’s first architecture fellowship and spent a year examining healthcare in the U.S. prison system. His research focused on the complexity of the environments in which healthcare is delivered to U.S. prison inmates, including the prison clinic or infirmary, regional correctional medical facilities, and community hospitals.  An expert in health facility planning and design, he has designed facilities throughout the U.S., Canada, and Middle East. An expert in the design and planning of correctional health facilities, David has designed correctional health facilities for many State Departments of Corrections, including Illinois, California, and Texas, as well as for the country of Kuwait.

John Baldwin is the former Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections and also director of the Iowa Department of Corrections.  John started his career with the Iowa Department of Corrections 1977 at a Joint Commission accredited forensic psychiatric hospital.  He was appointed IDOC Deputy Director of Administration in 1984 and in 2007 became the IDOC Director. During his time in Iowa an evidenced-based corrections system was developed which led to a dramatic drop in the recidivism rate, facilities were renovated and/or replaced, medical and mental health facilities were added, and a new female facility was opened.  In 2015, after a brief retirement, he became the Director of the Illinois Dept. of Corrections where he created a Life Skills Reentry facility for high-risk offenders who were returning to the community, and a 200-bed medical and mental health facility. He also serves on the National Institute of Corrections Advisory Board and on the Justice Counts Initiative of the Council of State Governments.

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