Southwick Place

5150 Southwick Drive, Illinois / United States of America

Development of 40 Affordable “Barrier Free” housing units in a new construction 3 story building, in a multi-use development in the city  Matteson, Illinois ; located in southern Cook County. The housing targets low income individuals with physical disabilities that are capable of independent living. The facility gives these tenants, with mobility impairments maximum accessibility and self-sufficiency in their own living units.

The amenities include a large ground floor community room leading to an outdoor patio, a large library and computer area, laundry and an outdoor picnic pavilion.

The rural zoning requirements, for this area of Matteson, call for a large area of land per housings unit. The neighborhood context that develops from this requirement is one of openness and along with the geographic location, brings up references and connection to the Illinois Prairie.

In response, we created an articulated building shape of a low scale, with sloped and bent roof shapes that relate to historical rural structures and set the building on the site where groups of trees and earth mounds create a protected and natural shaped context for the structure, helping anchor it to the land.

The new building was positioned adjacent to the previous barrier fee housing that is itself adjacent to another low scale residential development. This new property helps reinforce the similar scaled residential area and continues the pedestrian access along these sets of property.

The building design and setting opens up to the street and provides a welcoming, colorful, vibrant palette that engages the street and provides a colorful uplifting face to the public. It celebrates its context and location, thereby reinforcing a positive feel of the area.

Architect of Record

Weese Langley Weese Ltd


Over the Rainbow Association

General Contractor

Skender Construction


  • Eriksson Engineering
  • Forefront Structural Engineers
  • Consolidated Consulting Engineers