Sensient Technologies Corporation

Hoffman Estates, Illinois / United States of America


The project involved the complete interior demolition and renovation of a 65,000 S.F.  existing laboratory building in Hoffman Estates,  Illinois.  The building is a twenty year old, 50 ft. wide linear “bar building”, ideal for the dispersion of natural light , but difficult for lab planning and layout.  The new program called for a lab building for Sensient Technologies,   which fabricates and designs food flavors and colors. 




The project planning sought to take advantage of the narrow floor plate.  Scientist and technician carrels were placed adjacent to the existing perimeter strip windows, with “open” labs down the center of the building. The labs were divided by floor into divisions consisting of savory, beverage, dairy,

and other research divisions.

The primary planning concept was to celebrate the “rock stars” of this industry, which are the Flavorists.

Their labs were developed as circular glass forms which were located at the “head” of each floor plate.

This form and space literally served as the “lynchpin” around which all circulation, collaboration , and research revolved.  They were the center of attention and management for each division.  Each circular form was divided on its central axis, into four quadrants, increasing efficiency and collaboration among the four flavorists working in each division.


The first floor also features  a food tasting  and cooking demonstration area for outside participants to evaluate the products and prototypes produced in the lab.

Architect of Record



Sensient Technologies Corporation

General Contractor

Pepper Construction


  • Steve Rosenstein Associates