Lockton Regional Office

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The design of this insurer’s regional office promotes a progressive workplace. A stair leads from reception into a lively café/bar area, which provides a range of settings from intimate lounge to open gathering space to a training area that can be closed off with moveable walls. Discreet partitions allow collaboration areas to be adjacent to neighborhoods without disrupting the work going on there. Every desk offers sit-stand control, giving staff further choice in their work environment.

A kinetic pattern of lines is interpreted in steel and glass in the doors to the full bar, as well as a screen element. Stairs lead from reception into a lively bar area, connecting two floors. The pattern is deconstructed in the fixture above the bar, signaling that this is a place of respite from the activity found in the rest of the office.

The workplace emulates an innovative and energetic vibe to the younger workforce and buzzes with energy that reflects the future of their organization. Patterns of speed, movement and progression fill the high performance space for a high performance team. Clean lines resonate across, connecting informal and formal environments.

Collaboration happens everywhere, tracking the thoughts behind ideas—showing the process is as important as the solution. The design of the workplace, by incorporating these elements, sends a message that it supports team interaction and mentorship. The new office design lowers barriers, both built and figurative. Employees connect more with each other, and by doing so, gain deeper connections and reflect the brand Lockton enjoys with their clients.

Lockton’s Chicago office is a model for the rest of the organization, building culture that reflects their business model and brand. The workplace supports success and the competitive nature of the organization and its employees.

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Lockton Insurance

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