Latin School of Chicago Interactive Science Forum

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

A New Wave of Science Education


The Interactive Science Forum is a new educational hub for innovation and interaction, investigation and inquiry.

Transforming one of the ubiquitous base building pass-through spaces for only a fraction more the cost, the 2200 sf public space forum creates value for science and art as a technology-rich center, extra classroom, speaker space, and enhanced exploratory zone, where every surface supports STEAM-based learning.

Engaging students, science faculty, administration, and recruitment staff in envisioning, the design team solved the challenge of creating a multiple-dimensioned space engaging science students and those not pre-inclined to the sciences.

Elements, surfaces, planes and finishes promote learning through touch and experience. The Omni-Globe is a spherical projection surface featuring real-time interactive media; flat screen monitors deliver presentations and daily events; a morphing bench demonstrates a DNA strand; and flexible seating doubles as curiosity cabinets filled with artfully arranged teaching specimens and skulls. The ceiling serves as a model of fusion of conduit and LED fixtures, while flooring demonstrates the Golden Mean with a one-meter grid for measurement and testing laws of motion and inertia. The forum lounge supports small group brainstorming and tutoring.

Graphic murals act as viewports bringing concepts of scale, space, and perspective within student grasp. Inspired by the Eames’ Powers of Ten, artist Doug Fogelson exposed everyday objects to light, providing imagery in multiple exposures and at magnitudes in each power of ten. Two site-specific commissioned artworks, Reuben Margolin’s Nimbus Wave and Fogelson’s Ventura multiple exposure mural, activate the stairwell with engineering prowess. Students are swept up by the impact of the images of waves as a force of nature, moving them to their next class.

Representing the next wave of science education, the Latin School Interactive Forum immerses students in an opportunity and technology-rich center, synthesizing analytical and aesthetic investigation and learning.

Architect of Record

Nagle Hartray Architecture

Associate Architect

Architecture Is Fun, Inc.


Latin School of Chicago

General Contractor

Superior Exhibits Design


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