Fermilab OTE Building

Batavia, Illinois / United States of America

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory decommissioned its particle collider, which had been the largest in the world, after the Large Hadron Collider was constructed in Switzerland.  The new Office, Technical, and Education (OTE) building embraces the decommissioned collider to form the Illinois Accelerator Research Center (IARC).  IARC’s purpose is to join private industry with Fermilab’s leaders to promote the industrialization of accelerator use.  

The 48,000 square foot OTE includes three floors of offices, conference rooms, laboratories, a dining room overlooking the campus, and a 175-seat lecture hall.  The building accommodates rotating tenants through the use of demountable partitions, a raised access floor system, and underfloor air distribution. Laboratory space has been developed to accommodate one large project or three smaller ones, and is located so that experiments can move to larger space as needed.

The LEED Gold building is a model workplace.  Seventy-nine percent of occupied spaces are daylit, while all regularly occupied spaces have views.  A geothermal field and an efficient HVAC system reduce energy use by more than 44%.  Reflective and vegetated roofs reduce solar heat gain, heat island effect, and surges in storm water runoff.

Architect of Record

Ross Barney Architects



General Contractor

Barton Malow


  • Arup
  • Primera Engineers
  • Vanderweil Engineers