Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn, Illinois / United States of America

The owner of this concept recently toured wineries in the Western United States. Inspired by what he saw, he wanted to bring a strong design focus to the new location in his hometown of Oak Lawn, IL. The design directive was to create a memorable experience in Oak Lawn and this enabled the architect to expand creative horizons for the concept as a whole. The building layout focuses views to the exterior natural areas and exposes elements of the building’s structure for a simplified and honest approach. The arrangement of the spaces is focused around the exterior courtyard water feature. Also visible throughout the restaurant, is a tall concrete finished stand-alone fireplace at the center end of the patio. In the wine tasting room, a U-shaped tasting bar creates heightened energy and encourages social interaction. Custom fabricated metal ring fixtures are suspended over the center of the bar imparting a sense of artisanal craftsmanship. The dining room features tall ceilings with exposed structural wood trusses and suspended linear decorative fixtures. In the bar room, a metal and wood structure behind the bar provides wine storage and creates a strong visual backdrop. An overhead metal cage at the center of the bar dining room was created to contain off the shelf light fixtures, creating a customized look. The Western winery-inspired aesthetic uses wood, metal, glass and a concrete finish.


Tim McEnery