New York, New York / United States of America

NYMEX began as a group of merchants exchanging goods on the banks of the Hudson River, expanding to become a platform for the exchange of billions of dollars’ worth of commodities. NYMEX’s new workplace reflects the transformation to a cutting-edge global organization. In redeveloping the property, NYMEX achieved an open layout with impressive views of the waterfront. Stretched fabric ceiling planes act as subtle waves, translating the river into the space. The canvas creates an overlook that engages staff activity on the lower floor. Upper floor collaboration areas serve as observation suites to the movement below. Privacy is provided via metal mesh drapes that emulate colors of coins. Dynamic activity throughout the design is a reflection of the market itself. Angular forms of the rising staircase translate to spikes, while the anchored teaming kiosks reflect downfalls. By building an entire infill floor within the original 3-story volume of the space, a new mezzanine area was constructed. The modified floor creates a dynamic trading environment that is essential for the success of NYMEX and the productivity of their employees. The exterior wall of the original building was enclosed with limited daylight into the workplace. After extensive analysis and coordination, large windows were added to the exterior. The openings allow for incredible amounts of daylight to enter and create expansive views of the river. The windows were carefully studied with sun angles to ensure maximum light penetration and minimal glare. The screen enclosures house daylight sensor controls that shade with direct light. Employee connection is paramount, moving the staff from cubicles into an open benching solution with casual team areas. Technology-connected areas create neighborhoods and a flexible innovation space supporting the company’s vision of “Information connects. Markets accelerate. Employees collaborate.”

Architect of Record



CME Group

General Contractor

Turner Construction Company


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