Chicago Residence

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

A PUD included a condominium tower facing Lincoln Park West backed by a raised oval park bracketed by 25’ wide townhouse lots situated on two east/west streets. Since the residence straddles two floors of parking the street elevation is a story higher than the park elevation. For an environmentally conscious couple with a young family, an interactive home was constructed on all eight Southernmost lots incorporating energy efficiencies and sustainable materials. A classical parti of lower outlying structures connected by bridges as hyphens to the larger structure effectively reduces the scale which, in the historically landmarked community, was a mutual goal of architect and client. Guest quarters on the westernmost lot shield the main structure from neighboring high rises allowing for a secluded terrace. Its eastern counterpart performs a similar screening. The residence creates the appearance of individualized units that relate in size to the greystones across the street. Without being mimetic zinc cladding produces a sympathetic color palette. The challenge was to construct a contemporary, structurally expressive steel frame atop existing parking that would have a consistent character on both exterior and interior. Inheriting a 12’ high drive aisle and sixteen parking spaces, the eastern drive aisle became the mechanical room while the parking section was repurposed by installing a raised and reinforced floor 4’ in height to create MEP raceways as well as a sky-lit lap pool, bamboo garden and Japanese bath. The home is interactive as befits a family. Street facing ground floor rooms interface with courtyard gardens. On the second level the living room and perforated metal sky lit stair overlook the double height entry. Interior materials are all sustainable from the recyclable zinc column and beam cladding to the radiantly heated Douglas Fir flooring. Rugs and fabrics are all natural fibers, wool, silk and cotton.

Architect of Record

Tigerman McCurry Architects

Associate Architect

Tigerman McCurry Architects


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General Contractor

Bulley & Andrews


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