Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry L. Dove Federal Building

Miramar, Florida / United States of America

The 375,000 square foot high security Federal Building establishes a new office paradigm for federal design. The site has been repaired by restoring and integrating the indigenous wetlands which provides security to the tenant and achieves innovative water management strategies. The design responds to its place by minimizing the building’s footprint on the site and provides a direct connection to the surrounding restored wetlands. The building’s curved outer facade is designed to create dynamic views toward and from within the building along its length. By contrast, the courtyard’s facades are composed of fractured planes that provide a more appropriately scaled experience for the inner enclave.

The building envelope plays an integral role in the building’s energy performance. Ceramic frit was used to reduce solar gains, provide privacy screening and add a consistent aesthetic. Exterior sunshades, inspired by the sun’s path, were tuned to optimize solar heat gain reduction, glare reduction and daylight access, while maximizing views and contributing a distinct design element to the building’s form.

Slender 60 foot wide office bars result in all users being no more than 30 feet from the building perimeter that provides 93% of regularly occupied spaces with a direct visual connection to the exterior while maximizing daylight zones and reducing energy demand. Aligning the buildings along the east-west axis and placing the egress stairs at the end facades, provides a thermal buffer resulting in decreased cooling loads and decreased peak-demand energy use. The design team carefully considered the journey from a parked vehicle to the building and integrated elements that provide glare and shade protection while evaporative cooling is provided with pools of water within the entry courtyard.

The tenant has described the final design as a successful blend of a memorial to its fallen agents and an inspiration for the agencies future.

Architect of Record

Krueck + Sexton Architects

Associate Architect



General Services Administration

General Contractor

Hensel Phelps


  • Thornton Tomasetti
  • WSP
  • Miller Legg