Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

When we first met Avant their office was bursting at the seams. The space had a true start-up feel with poor acoustics, too few meeting spaces and disjointed support spaces. Poised to double in size within a year, Avant needed to make the leap without losing the energy of their start-up. Our solution was to break down the 80,000 square foot workplace into an environment that provided choice of scale and purpose.

Giant.  At the largest scale a two-story town hall space with viewing galleries and projection wall allows the entire staff to assemble for sessions that enable announcements, product advancements and staff introductions. 

Large.  At the next scale a decision was made to have only one pantry for the express purpose of bringing staff together and increase the opportunities for chance meetings. Adjacent spaces include a game area as well as a 90 foot long exterior terrace.

Medium.  Formal meeting rooms are generously distributed around the office.  Open lounge areas provide a similar function in a more casual setting, but whether open or closed nearly every meeting space has a marker surface and/or technology to enhance communication. 

Small.  In a world of shrinking work space the personal work environment sometimes gets overlooked. Everybody in the company has the choice to work either standing or sitting as every desk in the company is equipped with a height-adjustable surface.  For heads-down work there is one huddle room with a door for every 10 people in the company.  Additionally, eight “secret rooms” create a small scale coffee shop environment with people working alone, but together. The rooms are fully themed from Nintendo to a video store.

Within this vast workplace there is a functional, size appropriate, sometimes whimsical space for nearly any type of work or communication that you can imagine.  

Architect of Record

Eastlake Studio



General Contractor

Skender Construction


  • CB Richard Ellis
  • Environmental Systems Design, Inc