Woodward Rock Cut Campus

Rock Cut, Illinois / United States of America

Woodward’s 400,000-square-foot campus houses manufacturing spaces, an office component and cafeteria / meeting areas. The design seeks to advance three objectives: establish a workplace that promotes innovation, maximize flexibility of the built space, and define a strategy for future expansion.

All aspects of the design are intended to foster collaboration and optimize employee creativity, productivity and intellectual engagement. This is reflected in the imaginative geometry of the building plan. The production portion is expressed as a single-story space with 25 feet of vertical clearance, deployed in an “L”-shaped plan, with its long dimension having an east-west orientation. The office component is also “L”-shaped, its shorter dimension a continuation of the east-west line of the production area, but its longer dimension set above the production area with a north-south orientation. The office and manufacturing components effectively interlock, maximizing opportunities for interaction between management, R+D and production staffs. The stem of the office “L” is imagined as the “main street” of the complex.

Given the significant building mass, the design seeks to impart human scale, texture and interest, particularly to its most visible components. This is accomplished in the design of the main entries and cafeteria, the facility’s most visually prominent portions.

Architect of Record

Ghafari Associates



General Contractor

Ringland-Johnson Construction


  • ARC Design
  • Thomas Graceffa and Associates
  • Gensler