VMware Regional Office - Dallas

Farmer's Branch, Texas / United States of America

Flatland – there is a sameness to small office environments, space is defined by a floor and a ceiling 9’ apart, and is a donut in plan orbiting an opaque building core. There is no better example of this sameness than Park West in Dallas, a building where the core and a second main corridor form an “L” and the perimeter is an impossible to explain combination of orthogonal and diagonal forms in plan. Rethinking Flatland The problem was obvious, there was no there, there. VMWare was highly aspirational wanting a field office that was a destination for both staff and clients that was comparable to their Bay Area Campus. The outcome was to add rigor where there was none. Each major circulation path was “lined” with a wood tube of uniform height and width. Where open reception or collaborative spaces or the café were adjacent to one of these paths, the tube was widened to embrace these spaces. The wood form was at once playful, natural, and became a rigorous point of reference to let everyone understand how the space was organized. Everything else was quiet, compared to these dominant forms.

Architect of Record

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates


VMware Real Estate & Workplace

General Contractor

Turner Construction Company


  • WMA Consulting Engineers, LTD
  • One Work Place
  • Steelcase