Upton’s Naturals Work/Live

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Upton’s Naturals is a 10,000 SF new construction mixed-use facility in Chicago. The program includes food production, cafe, offices, yoga studio, and apartment with roof deck. The owners of Upton's make unique vegan food with ingredients that are simple and healthful. The design of the building follows this same sensibility: simple, clean, uncomplicated and sustainable design concepts led to highly affordable construction solutions. Double-wall precast insulated concrete sandwich panels provide structure, insulation and a final finish for the exterior walls and selected interior walls. To take advantage of passive cooling strategies, a minimal number of small openings were punched into the building’s perimeter shell. Large storefront glass is utilized for the café, and third floor living and yoga zones. The building is designed to be highly adaptable to anticipated and unanticipated changing programmatic needs: an interior double-height space in the main food processing zone is a flexible volume. For example, the (current) freezer might be reconfigured from a wide single story unit (with storage above), to a slim multi-story unit to make way for additional floor space in the food production area. Or in the future, this double-height space might be utilized for additional offices and/or storage.  

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Upton's Naturals

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