United States Federal Building and Courthouse

Tuscaloosa, Alabama / United States of America

The Tuscaloosa Federal Building and Courthouse is a 127,000 sf facility housing a diverse range of federal tenants while serving the needs for enhanced security, circulation, and infrastructure required by the US District and Bankruptcy Courts components. The building accommodates a wide array of program elements in a manner which expresses the specific cultural legacy and aspirations of the region through carefully considered planning, choice of building systems and technologies, studied expression of architectural vocabulary and integration of an artistic program designed to expand the building's role as a shared cultural resource for the citizens of Tuscaloosa. It speaks to the region's past and future, incorporating memory and innovation in a public landmark which represents both the timely and enduring qualities of a significant public institution. The building sits at the center of its site within prescribed secure setbacks, raised slightly above ground level on a landscaped platform whose low retaining walls allow it to satisfy perimeter security requirements while maintaining an open appearance. The internal components are organized around an enclosed central atrium which runs along the long axis of the building. This space serves as the primary circulation spine and provides access to the Courtrooms and Federal agencies.

Architect of Record

HBRA Architects, Inc


General Services Administration

General Contractor

BE & K Building Group


  • MBA Structural Engineers, Inc
  • MW/Davis Dumas & Associates, Inc
  • LBYD, Inc