Timberlane Shores

New Buffalo, Michigan / United States of America

Mediating between contemplative retreat and social interaction.

A family of 4 living in an urban Chicago high-rise apartment desired to escape the stresses of city living and be immersed in sunshine and landscape in a year round retreat.

The site with beautiful mature oak trees to the south is conceptually organized into 4 quadrants that address public versus private and social versus contemplative needs.

Three building volumes and landscape elements define these quadrants. The primary living space straddles an edge and visually unites the bucolic and contemplative south half with the domesticated and social north half. The south environment is curated as picturesque landscape while the north is more formally organized for active social interaction and outdoor activities; a broad level lawn, rectilinear pool, 2 story screen porch, and furnished outdoor living room.

A single-story guest wing and landscape plantings shield the private outdoor environments from the street to enhance privacy.

The bright palette of smooth white stucco, white stained flush wood siding, and weathered zinc metal cladding are contrasted against the lush green landscape. Operable window sashes are colored citron yellow and patterned tiles are randomly placed within the stone paving adding a touch of casual whimsy.

Architect of Record

Wheeler Kearns Architects



General Contractor

Burlingame Builders


  • Enspect Engineering
  • Green Mansions