The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Prior to the renovation, the Sullivan Center at 36 S. Wabash had several corridors that closed off the space. Parts of the corridor walls were knocked down to open up the space starting at the 12th floor elevator bank. New translucent polycarbonate walls now allow better light and openness for the reception area while maintaining privacy for the offices. The registration center for the college has a completely transformed registration process due to the renovation. Color-coding directs students from one stage of the registration to the next and simplifies the wayfinding process. The space is donned in bright colors and artistic touches that embody the Art Institute brand.

At 116 S. Michigan, the student affairs department which includes career services, was expanded by demolishing a wall to connect the 14th floors of two SAIC-owned adjacent buildings located at 112 S. Michigan Ave. and 116 S. Michigan Ave. A gradual incline was created to adjust for the elevation difference between the two buildings’ 14th floors. The extended space now has added student lounge seating and kiosks as well as two additional classrooms. The updated space boasts spectacular views of Grant Park, Millennium Park, and Lake Michigan.

Architect of Record



The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

General Contractor

Mortenson Construction


  • McGuire Engineers