Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

This 2005 AIA National Honor Award winner responds to the varying scales of its neighbors, converted warehouses and storefronts. The design adopts a strategy of urban collage. The sculptural quality and articulation of program creates a mediation between the scale differences found in the surrounding area.


The site was too narrow to accommodate a centralized parking ramp in the building so the ramp is pushed to the street side and revealed, adding diagonal movement to the rectilinear structure. The four-story parking and retail base addresses the pedestrian scale with floor-to-ceiling glass facades.


Eleven residential floors hover over the parking and ground floor retail base. A narrow recess articulates the separation. A series of slots with projecting balconies break down the mass of the tower, and the east façade steps back dramatically to allow skyline views. Operable Window units alternate to enrich the façade patterning. The dynamic energy of the building culminates at the northeast corner where an exterior column anchors the tower to the ground. The re-entrant corner, expressed structure and cantilevered balconies make a strong urban statement through simple manipulations of modern materials.

Architect of Record



CMK Development Corporation

General Contractor

McShane Construction Corporation


  • CE Anderson & Associates
  • McGuire Engineers
  • Terra Engineering, LTD