Suite 1600

900 North Michigan / Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Suite 1600 is a 25,000 sf headquarters office for several privately held business and philanthropic organizations managed by members of a Chicago family. The family's request for a quiet presence and subtly elegant environment led us to an office design marrying rich millwork with extensive glazing. Incorporation of glass with varying tints and opacities allows for full appreciation of impressive views, while reducing distractions for office occupants. 
Significant effort was dedicated to the design and detailing of the glass wall at the exterior offices, including elegant details such as the use of a glass with a subtle rose tint with adjacent clear panels of varying levels of transparency. Our intent was to eliminate vertical obstructions and test the limits of steel framing through the use of extra large horizontally stacked glass panels. The dark millwork doors add punctuating contrast to the lightness of the glazing throughout the space.
The design was inspired by textures and tones that occur in nature. The color palette is based upon the hazy purple tones that occur during early sunset. These colors complement the richer tones of a quartered, figured, and fumed eucalyptus wood integrated into millwork elements.

Architect of Record

Eastlake Studio



General Contractor

Interior Construction Group


  • Development Management Associates
  • Kent Consulting Engineers
  • Leslie Jones & Associates