STEAM Recycled Arts Workshop and Grotto

Davie, Florida / United States of America

A bridge to environmental education, this museum project demonstrates how reuse and responsibility set the stage for creativity and acting responsibly.  Visitors enter the grotto orientation gallery through theatrical doors where Mother Earth beckons. The Grotto is an intimate place of focus where the artist’s touch is visible; from displays of recycled puppets whose names flow onto the walls to the artist’s signature and thoughts incised in vinyl flooring.  An upholstered video monitor presents short films curated by the design team, in which Pablo Cano’s puppets tell classic tales and rare behind-the-scene footage demonstrate the artist’s transformative design process.  Museum visitors next spill into the large maker-space, where the ordinary and the uncommon are juxtaposed in a pageantry of recycling: sorting bins side-by-side with barbershop chairs made new again.  Re-imaging a typical environmental education program moves it out of a classroom or multipurpose room into spaces that are beautiful, imaginative, flexible, and innovative.  Dressed for events or used in its raw state for drop-in use or science study, the workshop serves as classroom, theatre, making space, and resource container.  Pablo’s Grotto and Workshop craft lifelong lessons, encouraging museum visitors to find beauty and purpose in careful use and reuse of resources.

Architect of Record

Architecture Is Fun, Inc.


Young At Art Museum

General Contractor

RedBox Workshop