St. James

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

A hospital was razed for a PUD including a condominium tower and townhouse lots bracketing a raised park all above 2 levels of parking.

Our young entrepreneurial couple purchased all 8 southern lots.  A mutual goal created the appearance of individualized units thus relating to the existing townhouses across the street.

 Guest quarters on the westernmost lot shield the main structure.  Its eastern counterpart performs a similar screening.   A drive aisle and excessive parking spaces were repurposed by raising and reinforcing the floors 4’ to create raceways and a lap pool and Japanese bath.  We mitigated the developer’s awkward 3.5’ floor shift from garage into the townhomes and removed the concrete deck of the garage to allow for the design of a totally expressive steel structure with components clad in sustainable zinc with aluminum in fill panels, screens and sun shades.  Roofs are green with solar panels.  Laminated double glazed glass provides the required R value.

 Interactive spaces befit a family with young children.  Street floor rooms interface with courtyards.   Living room and stair hall overlook the double height entry.  The relatively modest interior material selections (drywall and Douglas fir all definitively detailed), reflect the owners’ desire for sophisticated practicality.

Architect of Record

Tigerman McCurry Architects


Joe Mansueto & Rika Yoshida

General Contractor

Bulley & Andrews


  • The Structural Shop
  • dbHMS
  • Architecture + Light