Castellon, N/A / Spain

Designed for L’Antic Colonial offices, SPACECRAFT was founded on the idea of ‘elastic-space’, defined as the adaptability of space and the impact of its transformation in our daily lives. Blank space represents full potential because, as it becomes more populated, it also becomes more restrictive which conditions our behavior. Focused on the essential, SPACECRAFT aims dilute the signals in space that pre-determine our actions and preconceptions. SPACECRAFT consists of Active, Passive, and Mobile components. Active components are multifunctional wood screens that are the vertical source of lighting in standby mode. As they become physically activated, they reveal views and storage space, and become temporary display surfaces along the perimeter. The space between the wall and the wood screens is the only place for personal objects. The Passive component is the two-toned cladded floor that serves both creative and functional purposes. Finally, the Mobile component is the quartz-cladded box that contains all of the wet functions. The box is a source of lighting and the only physical element that through movement, redefines the internal boundaries within SPACECRAFT.

Architect of Record