Solar EV Dock

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The Solar EV Dock harvests solar energy to power electric or electric/hybrid vehicles. The dock features photovoltaic panels and an integrated conduit through which energy is transferred, either to a power grid or to neighboring buildings. The canopy was designed to work as a single structure or multiple linked structures. When linked, the canopies act as a shaded corridor for users in the spaces in between. The canopy can also shade charging vehicles during a work day, offsetting the carbon emissions associated with commuting to work. The Solar EV Dock was designed to incorporate a range of photovoltaic technologies at varying orientations to accommodate installations anywhere in the world. Using the industry-standard mono-crystalline PV module, 4000-6000 kWh of carbon-free electricity is generated from a structure covering two vehicles. This generates enough energy to provide up to 30,000 carbon-free miles per year, or about the amount required for a 20-mile, or 30-minute, work commute each way, for both cars over a year. In large-scale applications, employee parking lots could be converted into charging stations, with surplus energy donated or sold to the power grid. The canopy also has the potential to collect rainwater, which could irrigate adjacent agricultural or park lands.

Architect of Record

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture


Carbon Day

General Contractor

Carbon Day


  • Thorton Tomasetti
  • Coulomb Technologies
  • Residential Steel Fabricators, Inc.