Madison, Wisconsin / United States of America

The site is a witness to Madison’s industrial past, where railroad right of ways ran along the shoreline of Lake Monona. The site was used for years as a general contractor’s service yard. An active railroad spur serves as one edge of the site. It was one of those places that people never noticed as they drove by. The “U” shaped plan forms strong edges facing the tracks, Lorillard Court and Proudfit Street. As the site narrows towards the Lake, one edge of the “U” is shortened and court becomes trapezoidal in plan. A grid of punched openings in a brick surface is used for 90% of the exterior. The plane and the basic elevations are both perfectly logical and plain. At the ends and corners of the “U” highly sculptural forms are intended to surprise; they focus on important features, both manmade and natural, such as the state capital building or distant hills across the lake. These elements give the larger apartments they enclose special meaning. This combination of the logical and the surprising, expresses the way people in Madison think about their city with it strict grid of square blocks, interrupted by special events in the landscape.

Architect of Record

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates


Urban Land Interests

General Contractor

J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.


  • Pierce Engineers, Inc.
  • Capitol Mechanical
  • Ken Saiki Design