Roche Canada Headquarters

Mississauga, N/A / Canada

This 4-story interior renovation houses a new corporate headquarters in Canada for Roche Pharmaceuticals. The project includes 3 levels of office and collaboration space along with a garden level containing cafeteria, training, and fitness facilities.

The building was selected for its large atria spaces to encourage vertical connectivity as well as to provide ample daylighting for their newly adopted open office planning. A vertical and horizontal "neighborhood" planning strategy is implemented through the distribution of a flexible chassis module and multiple communicating stairs. A "we/me/us" strategy guided development of the chassis' kit of parts that support each neighborhoods specific needs. The form and materiality of the space and furnishings were based on a concept centered around the core business foundation of bio-tech, merging organic materials and movement with simplified forms and technology on display.

This concept gradates from global to local, starting with the company history at the central rotunda of the building and radiating outward, to reflect the local culture. Alignments of new architectural forms within the existing framework are dissolved by glass corners that open up views across the space. The cafeteria is a destination with a unique identity and character while remaining connected via technology integration.

Architect of Record



Roche Pharmaceuticals

General Contractor

MARANT Construction Limited


  • Smith + Andersen
  • Swallow Acoustics