Riverview House

Wayne, Illinois / United States of America

For this family, the goal was to re-envision the traditional organizational arrangement of public and private spaces to take advantage of the sweeping views and the natural terrain cascading down to the Fox River. 

This allowed for transparency through the house and through the site.

As one approaches the house, the glass faced east and west facades allow for unobstructed views through the site and to the river.

The shape of the forms were developed to maintain privacy from adjacent neighboring houses, creating feeling of a house alone in nature

The functions of public spaces were placed on the upper lever to take advantage of the views.

The private functions were placed on the lower level creating privacy and protection, yet still allowing for unobstructed and private views towards the Fox River.

The house and garage elements are separated and connected via bridges that span the site with little impact, allowing nature to intermingle through and underneath.

The bridge tunnel penetrates the main living level to become the fireplace element.

The upper level is cantilevered both out towards the river and to the north to create a delicate and tenuous connection hovering over the natural landscape of the site.

Architect of Record

Studio Dwell Architects


Bernard & Catherine Morauw

General Contractor

McLeod Builders


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