Purina Animal Nutrition Center

Gray Summit, Missouri / United States of America

The Purina Animal Nutrition Center is located on a 1,200 acre research farm with over 3,000 animals. This conference/education facility consists of an existing turkey barn (9,000 SF) renovated and repurposed, paired with a new 10,000 SF addition.

As the first impression for all farm visitors, it was important that the facility invite guests to learn about animal nutrition products in an environment that embodies the Purina culture and values – integrity of materials, openness to the outdoors, and pride in their farm heritage.

The addition was treated as a simple white “container” acting as a backdrop that highlighted features of the heritage barn. A contemporary, angular steel framework and exposed mechanical services were used to reflect components of the existing structure. Reclaimed barn timbers and stained concrete floors were used in key areas of the facility to provide simple yet elegant texture to the interior, further supported by the branded red and white finish palette.

A primary circulation spine allows visitors to explore and discover information, messaging and displays that showcase the farm’s research advancements, product attributes, and Purina brand stories. Historic artifacts, patent displays, interactive technology, and “bigger than life” farm animal portraits convey the company as forward-thinking while reflecting its deep roots in the farming community.

Architect of Record



Land O'Lakes, Inc.

General Contractor

BSI Constructors


  • Michaud Cooley Erickson Engineers
  • BKBM Engineers