Nando’s Bay Street

832 Bay Street Toronto, CA, N/A / Canada

This fast casual restaurant is located in the landmark McLaughlin Motor Showroom. A glass & steel tower was built on the site but the original façade was preserved. The restaurant resides within the 4,600 SF first floor space. The Architect was enlisted to redefine the brand’s unique dining experience in Canada.

The design relates to the building’s heritage, but with a playful twist. This is expressed by contrasting textural and natural materials such as reclaimed wood, metal, leather, vivid pops of color and original artwork from South Africa against the building’s heritage elements. Heritage elements include the façade, entry doors, and detailed plaster ceiling, columns and capitals.

Some new features that highlight the brand include beaded structures of blackened steel rods and brightly colored wooden beads that were all hand-strung by artist Paul Punke; a communal table that is paired with reclaimed stadium seats from across North America; South African beaded animals called “Monkeybiz” and a painting by South African graffiti artist Kilmany-Jo Liversage.

The resulting space retains the classic lines of the original McLaughlin building showroom, but resonates with the vibrant, colorful flair characteristic of the brand; an integrated whole that fits right into this Toronto neighborhood.

Architect of Record

Bind Architecture

Associate Architect

Aria Group Architects, Inc.


Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken

General Contractor

Horne Construction


  • Able Engineering
  • Zip Signs Ltd.
  • Trimen F.S.E.C.