The McDonalds Cycle Center at Millennium Park

Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

This facility was designed to provide amenities to bicycle commuters in Downtown Chicago. It includes storage for 300 bikes, shower and locker facilities, bike repair, restrooms, and headquarters for the Chicago Lake Front Police. More than 10 years later, the Millennium Park Bicycle Station is still serving its original purpose.

A glass-enclosed atrium links various above and below grade levels giving a street presence to the mostly below-grade facility. The skin of the atrium is a detailed contemporary enclosure designed to be energy efficient, glass walls allow for natural light and ventilation by incorporating operable windows and wall shading devices composed of fabric awnings and plant material. The roof uses arrays of translucent photovoltaic collectors which both shade the glass roof and collect energy. Interior spaces are designed to maximize the limited headroom provided by the garage structure. Much of the space is below grade so lighting, colors and materials are designed to provide a bright playful contemporary feeling eliminating sense of being underground. Landscaping was designed to coordinate with the general Millennium Park theme. Plazas were added at two levels to accommodate retail/cafe functions and overflow bike parking for special events.

Architect of Record

Muller & Muller, Ltd

Associate Architect

Muller & Muller, Ltd


Chicago Department of Transportation

General Contractor

F H Paschen


  • Calor Design
  • Baer Associates Engineers, Ltd