Metropolitan Capital Bank

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

This is a 6,500 sq.ft., $1.2 million adaptive reuse of the residential Tree Studio North Annex, on the National Register of Historic Places and a City of Chicago Landmark.  The project, including its custom furniture, rugs and fixtures designed by the architect, was delivered through designer-led design/build. The design goal was to create a unique, sophisticated environment is a studio for financial services; a space that expresses stability, is inviting and fosters innovation in designing customized solutions for each customer. This metaphor appropriately links the project and the business model, capturing the concept of personalized attention and custom-tailored financial solutions.

The bank president explains that the new bank will serve the emerging affluent: “The design brings our historic landmark space into the 21st century.  It very effectively preserved the traditional beauty of the past while harmoniously integrating the technology and conveniences of the present.  They blend so well together – the best of history and high technology  – that the space seems both ageless and timeless.”

An expansion was added in 2010 that doubled the size of the bank, adding workspace and staff amenities. The original program and design were considered and are unaltered.  

Architect of Record



Metropolitan Capital Bank

General Contractor

Bulley & Andrews