Kline Chemistry Laboratory

New Haven, Connecticut / United States of America

The Kline Chemistry Laboratory was completed by Philip Johnson in 1964 as an extension to the gothic Sterling Laboratory. This project comprehensively renovated the Kline building to create adaptable, state-of-the-art research spaces in what had been considered an obsolete and unsalvageable facility. Public circulation was relocated adjacent to the original courtyard, where a new glazed curtain wall now affords a previously lacking sense of orientation for occupants, a visual connection to Sterling, and generous penetration of daylight into the building. The new glass and aluminum screen replaces an undistinguished masonry office wall, taking its profiles, grammar of reveals and its color from Johnson's original steel and glass infill walls that enclose the connecting vestibules to Sterling. The introduction of this screen element relates the building's interior and exterior spaces and provides places for informal gathering, breakout and opportunity for relief to those engaged in exacting research activities. The building's frame is revealed, exposing the laboratory's underlying modular organization. Brick reclaimed from original walls flanks the screen, providing seamless integration of new and old. This single element adopts Kline's original architectural language, transforming a formerly hermetic addition into a memorable building with a distinct identity and welcoming, dignified presence.

Architect of Record

HBRA Architects, Inc


Yale University

General Contractor

Dimeo Construction Company


  • Jacobs Consultancy, Inc.
  • WSP Flack & Kurtz
  • Robert Silman Associates