Kingtown International Center

Nanjing, N/A / China

The faceted form of Kingtown International Center is an evolution of integrated architectural, structural, and mechanical systems. Diagonal braces that wrap the tower from top to base define the external envelope; reductions in structural materials achieved through this system were approximately 20%. The envelope is coupled with a second, internal glass façade, creating an integrated cavity that contains the diagonal structure. The cavity space, vented to the outside, helps the tower to respond to the extreme heat of Nanjing’s “stove city” environment by establishing a thermally insulating buffer zone around all conditioned spaces. Further cavity wall performance benefits include: • Improved HVAC system performance • Lower MEP systems first costs and lower MEP optimization costs • Increased daylighting and better comfort and acoustics in interior spaces Inside, a system of translucent and opaque screens focuses light down a 27-story atrium, defining a glowing room that is the hallmark of the hotel experience. Glass balconies, placed periodically within the cavity, provide a desirable amenity to upgraded rooms. The project also includes a small retail component and an innovative housing form, characterized by skip stop access, thru block units and operable sunshades that provide privacy and solar control.

Architect of Record

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP


Jiangsu Goldenland Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd.

General Contractor

Wuhan Construction Engineering Group Co. Ltd., Nanjing Division