Intercontinental | Exchange

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The concept for ICE was a design and value driven-high quality space that was to be light, airy and functional.  The office was organized around the five foot building module, including walls, ceilings, lighting, mechanical and life safety systems, as well as millwork and furniture. The open office areas take full advantage of the views of Chicago by locating private offices inward with floor to ceiling glass fronts.  In both the open areas and enclosed offices, furnishings and furniture systems were kept to a universal low profile in order to support views and increase the visual volume of the space.  Guest seating was often curvilinear to serve as a counterpoint to the rectilinear quality of the interior architecture and five foot module.

The rich palette enhances the light and airy design concept by utilizing materials such as sleek white marble flooring, floor to ceiling white glass marker boards and clear glass partitions, quartz surfaces and stainless steel details and finishes.  Classic dark tones were used in contrast, such the carpeting and area rugs, walnut accent walls, and black glass partitions to ground the design. Richly textured upholstery fabrics in bright colors were incorporated to enhance the tactile and visual experience.

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Intercontinental | Exchange

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Clune Construction


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