Indiana University Health Neuroscience Center

Indianapolis, Indiana / United States of America

IU Health’s Neuroscience Center of Excellence translates neuroscience research into the most advanced patient care available. Inspired from the organization of the human brain, the north side houses the more “rational” clinical and support functions, the south side houses the more “emotional” functions of patient care, and the west side houses the collaborative functions so important to translational research. The streetside façade is adorned with fins bent to resemble electroencephalograms, broadcasting a striking presence to a nearby highway while providing privacy. The west façade presents a sculptural form inspired by the shape of neurons. Interiors incorporate color, and imagery from neuroscience research including blocks of color inspired by the vibrant colors of PET and fMRI brain scans. Windows tinted with these colors are arranged in a pattern at ground level. Clinical floors are equipped with collaborative niches for impromptu meetings. Meeting areas at the building’s west end encourage collaboration among researchers and clinicians, and an auditorium on the first floor with breakout areas facilitate formal presentations on research findings and their clinical applications. Use of an optimized universal planning grid capable of accommodating multiple potential uses insures long term flexibility. The project achieved a LEED Gold rating.

Architect of Record



Landmark Development, IU Health

General Contractor

F.A. Wilhelm Construction


  • Cannon Design
  • American Structurepoint, Inc.
  • BVM Engineering