IMC Financial - Chicago

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

When proprietary trading firm IMC Financial Markets first moved to its 43rd floor location in Chicago's Willis Tower in 2009, the firm left one quadrant of the floor open for future purposes.   In the intervening years IMC considered various uses, but in 2013 the ideas crystallized around newly unstructured collaboration opportunities, group brainstorming areas for software developers, focused work areas for individuals such as those coding software, and a structured training venue.  The idea was that this portion of the floor would complement the orthogonal discipline of the trading room with an environment that would foster creative thinking.

Once the ideas were underway, IMC requested that the new design ideas be integrated into the originally completed office by introducing more color and informality into shared areas such as their lunchroom/bar.  The entry sequence and the reception area were modified with new functionality and color.   Updated audiovisual technology was introduced into the existing conference rooms, the new training room and a new video conference room.

The new quadrant of the floor, occupied in the summer of 2014, has been enthusiastically embraced by IMC.  Its complementary environment serves its purpose well, providing a technology-rich and fun environment for serious training and interaction.

Architect of Record

Tilton, Kelly + Bell, LLC


IMC Financial

General Contractor

Pepper Construction Company


  • McGuire Engineers
  • Gwen Grossman Lighting Design
  • Shen, Milsom & Wilke LLC