Ignite Glass Studios

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Forged in a furnace at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, the detail presented here is a series of cast and laminated glass planks, recessed in the entryway paving of the new Ignite Glass Studio, located in Chicago. (Planks were cast on-site)


Ignite Glass studio is a new glass artist co-op, consisting of repurposed and new industrial construction. The Building Program called for a Hot shop, art classrooms, event space, sculpture garden, and gallery.



Co-op Mission:

  • Promote the glass arts, and encourage public knowledge / exposure to the craft of Glass Making
  • Pursue a design which exhibits an architectural expression of the idea of craft, through its materiality, and explicitly considered use of Glass.
  • Promote awareness of the glass-making art through the integration of a strong public exhibition and gathering space ( walled-garden)


In service of this idea, the internally illuminated, embedded glass planks allow immediate and intimate visitor contact with the mission of the Studio, and emphasize the material versatility of glass as an art and craft medium… by example, lighting the path to the sculpture garden.

Plank spacing is based on the Fibonacci Series, implicitly acknowledging the connection between art and nature.

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Ignite Glass Studios

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