Ignite Glass Studios

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America


Chicago is experiencing a dramatic change with respect to the loss of non-profit  artist studio facilities and exhibition space. To compensate for the loss of available studio/working space in the Central City, our client has formed an artist co-op consisting of eight glass artists and one Creative Director. This new facility will be open to artists for studio space as well as public exhibition, art events and art education out-reach classes. The program consists of flexible event space, gallery, art education outreach classes, glassblowing Hot Shop, and Sculpture garden.



Provide environment for transformational art experience through the integration of new and repurposed existing structures .

The solution consisted of the following strategic moves:

  • Rejuvenate existing urban industrial neighborhood
  • Re-Purpose existing buildings through selective demolition.
  • Provide simple new industrial shed structure for event space
  • Design new walled-sculpture garden  (north side of building)
  • Pursue a design which is  an architectural expression of the idea of  craft,  through its materiality, and explicitly considered material  juxtapositions (new and old ).
  • Promote awareness of the glass-making art through the integration of a strong public exhibition and gathering space ( walled-garden)

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Ignite Glass Studios

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