Hyatt Place Harper Court

Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

This hotel—the Hyde Park community’s first new hotel in 50 years—features a ventilated porcelain tile and zinc shingle façade system. The materials reinforce the hotel’s brand of urban elegance, respect the community’s historic context, and usher in a modern image as part of a university's mixed-use development. Red sandstone-colored porcelain tiles relate to predominate building materials in the area. As the zinc shingles weather, they will take on a patina appearance that resembles established buildings nearby. The lighter weight materials allowed the hotel to be built on an existing underground parking garage. The focus on high quality construction materials carries through to a blade-shaped sign, a glass “Edge,” and a glass canopy. The design sets back the lobby and positions it on an angle to keep views open and entice passersby into the development. The 83,000-square-foot hotel stands as the centerpiece for the LEED-ND Gold certified development whose leaders aimed at inspiring future high-density sustainable neighborhoods in Chicago and across the nation.

Architect of Record

Legat Architects, Inc.


The Olympia Companies and SMART Hotels

General Contractor

William A. Randolph, Inc.


  • Natalie Sheedy Interiors
  • CS Associates, Inc.
  • Advance Consulting Group International