New York, New York / United States of America

This is about evolution. NYMEX began as a group of merchants exchanging goods on the banks of the Hudson River, expanding to become a platform for the exchange of billions of dollars’ worth of commodities. For decades trading was conducted in open outcry pits. As electronic trading has become dominant, the owner no longer needed all of its open outcry facilities. This project is the next evolution as the three-story space was redeveloped as office space, infilling a new floor and creating an interior balcony-level within the remaining two-floor volume.

The new balcony-level is customer-oriented. Guests are greeted with views of the Hudson. Reflective materials and a water-inspired color palette create a sensation of the interior flowing into the outside vista. The company’s current focus on technology is abstracted with perforated metal panels. The balcony overlooks the two-story work environment where guests observe the dynamic workplace without breaching confidentiality.

Staff connection was equally important. Openness, transparency and natural light throughout the workplace support staff engagement. The exterior window wall was detailed by angling the portals to maximize daylight. Technology-connected teaming areas create neighborhoods and a flexible innovation space support the company’s vision of “Information connects. Markets accelerate. Employees collaborate.”

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CME Group

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Turner Construction


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