FKI Tower Exterior Wall

Seoul, N/A / Korea South

The 50-story, 240-meter FKI Tower features an innovative exterior wall, designed specifically for the project. The building’s skin reduces internal heating and cooling loads while collecting energy through photovoltaic panels that are integrated into the spandrel areas of the southwest and northwest facades. By angling the spandrel panels 30 degrees toward the sun, the amount of energy collected by the panels is maximized. Below the spandrels, the vision panels are angled 15 degrees toward the ground, minimizing the amount of direct sun radiation and glare. The result is a unique folded exterior texture that is both purposeful and visually distinctive. With the exception of the early morning and the late afternoon periods, the building is able to use the geometry of the exterior wall to self-shade the perimeter spaces that would normally be inundated with direct sunlight. This gives the building occupants the flexibility to open the shades and allow indirect natural light. With a maximum lease span of 12meters the majority of the building occupants benefit from the increase natural light. Operable windows also provide fresh air for occupants. FKI Tower’s exterior wall clearly illustrates the advancement in building facades from simple wall systems to high-performance, integrated design solutions. 

Architect of Record

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Associate Architect

Chang-Jo Architects


Federation of Korean Industries

General Contractor

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd


  • Thornton Tomasetti
  • V3
  • Rolf Jensen & Associates