Miramar, Florida / United States of America

The design and construction of this 375,000 square foot Federal Office Building was a unique opportunity to express in physical form the values and aspirations of our democracy.  The campus buildings are oriented and shaped in response to the local climate, natural environment, and agency needs providing a superior workplace for the tenant. Restored natural wetlands of the Florida Everglades make up the majority of the 20 acre site, connecting the campus to its native community while visually integrating high-performance perimeter security features.

Two 60-foot wide bars create an H-shaped configuration.  This new office paradigm focuses on increased worker effectiveness achieved through maximum daylight access and views to the exterior.  The undulating multi-story buildings are connected by a link containing meeting spaces that partially enclose two central courtyards.

The all-glass building skin consists of insulated window units which are designed to withstand blast and hurricane impacts. Various coatings, in combination with exterior perforated metal sunscreens, are fine-tuned to maximize interior illumination while controlling excessive perimeter glare and significantly reducing solar gains.

Architect of Record

Krueck + Sexton Architects

Associate Architect



General Services Administration

General Contractor

Hensel Phelps


  • Shepphird Associates
  • WSP Flack & Kurtz
  • Syska Hennessy