The Eastman Egg Company

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

Born in a food truck, The Eastman Egg Company has grown up into their first fixed location in Chicago's Loop. EEC wanted to make a place that communicates the handcrafted quality and natural ingredients of their signature egg sandwiches and maintains the simplicity and efficiency they perfected in the cramped quarters of their truck. The basis of the design is egg-simple: contrast. Go from dark to light by wrapping the dining space with a liner of cypress boards, charred jet-black, that clearly defines the customers' path, drawing them in from the street to the brightly illuminated ordering stations. Built-in furniture elements establish clarity and order, but also adapt as EEC’s service patterns change during the day. In the hectic early morning breakfast rush, it's food at its fastest---a single bar of maple butcher-block runs down the center, defining no-nonsense in/out circulation paths surrounding a sociable dining commons. In the more laid-back afternoon lunch or coffee times, it's much more leisurely---the space turns into a peaceful cafe as the bar's segments pivot 90 degrees, slowing circulation down and creating separate tables for more intimate dining and quiet conversation.

Architect of Record

Woodhouse Tinucci Architects


The Eastman Egg Company


  • Cartland & Kraus Engineering