Crate & Barrel Corporate Headquarters

Northbrook, Illinois / United States of America

The goal of this corporate headquarters for a retailer of modern housewares and furniture products in a suburb of Chicago, was to provide a building that would keep with the aesthetics of their products and retail stores while providing new office space, as well as merchandising areas, for the review of sample product. The facility, located on a 24-acre, partially wooded site, is a linear bar with office wings projecting out to a mature forest to the southeast. The use of glass and courtyards opens the interior to the landscape and takes advantage of the site’s terrain and mature woods and fills the open office space with natural light. A floating roof hovers above the masonry walls of the open office bar, providing clerestories which bring in more natural light to the space. This roof, curved in section and cantilevered from the central columns, celebrates the symbolic center of the company, the merchandising hall, at the crest of the curve at the north end of the second floor. Cantilevered glass boxes at the end of each projecting wing, house the offices of the company’s leadership.

Architect of Record



Crate & Barrel

General Contractor



  • Thornton Tomasetti
  • V3 Companies (previously SDI Consultants, LTD)
  • Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects (previously Douglas Hoerr Landscape Architecture, Inc.)