Cards Against Humanity

Chicago, Illinois / United States of America

The eight founders of the card game Cards Against Humanity see social connections and the cross-pollination of ideas as crucial aspects of creative culture. The work-share office typology is an opportunity to bring together graphic designers, artists, photographers and writers into a space that encourages collaboration.

A12,000 square foot warehouse along a busy industrial corridor was renovated, preserving the integrity of its urban context. Inside, it was largely left intact, a contrasting paint scheme highlighting the bow-truss structure. Shipping containers have been converted into conference and private rooms. Upon opening the doors, Moroccan- and Japanese tea house-inspired rooms transport one far from the open office space. These two rooms, and others (themed with LEGO and Victorian Study motifs) have become favorite places for focused work.

The flexibility of the building has allowed occupants to reach different communities. Because of the varying interests of artists and inventors, the program needed to be flexible while providing for specific requirements. By sharing and overlapping spaces the open office, theater, podcasting studio, coffee bar, screenprinting studio, and artist’s gallery provide specific functions with ancillary uses. The space provides an opportunity for our client to expand their involvement in the local design community and beyond. 

Architect of Record

von Weise Associates, LLC


Cards Against Humanity

General Contractor

Wigmore Construction, LLC