Canadian Pacific Regional Office Headquarters

Bensenville, Illinois / United States of America

As a recladding and exterior renovation project, the Canadian Pacific Bensenville General Yard Office was re-conceptualized as an embodiment of its company, its purpose, and its place. Originally a bland 20,000 sf precast push wall building, the striking new facades feature geometry translated from train engines and rail yard that surround it on all sides the building. 

The building serves as Canadian Pacific’s Regional Headquarters. In addition to executive offices, training facilities, and boardrooms, the building also houses the rail yard control tower overseeing all train routing in the region. Situated just south of O’Hare, the headquarters needed enhancements to reflect its corporate identity and its command of the surrounding area.

The design focused on gaining maximum amount of exposure for dollars spent and the least amount of disruption for a highly strategic facility. The buildings south and west facing facades were determined to be most visible to approaching and passing traffic and given the rugged industrial context, aluminum composite panels and high performing concrete paint coatings were selected as the cladding of choice. The panels allowed for expressive forms, both vertical and horizontal, to cantilever past the existing precast walls and corners. These forms, coated in the corporate palette, were carefully arranged to echo the proportions and lines of the locomotives nearby.

Architect of Record

Eckenhoff Saunders Architects


Canadian Pacific

General Contractor

Power Construction


  • CS Associates