Annenberg School of Communication

Los Angeles, California / United States of America

The design of University of Southern California’s (USC) Annenberg School of Communication building enables two divergent visions to speak as one. Looking to the future, USC’s strategic vision described an interior with transparent and media-saturated learning spaces that foster creativity, innovation, collaboration along with the free-flow of people and their ideas. Conversely, inspired by the University’s century old collegiate gothic architecture the exterior captures the character of the campus’ historic core.

Knitting interior to exterior elements, each are blended to create a unique sequence of communal public zones. To support the free-flowing concept, a central atrium connects five floors of programmed and non-programmed space and defines a distinct identity for this new School of Communication.

The Gothic tracery provides requisite articulation for the exterior of the building which is located at a major pedestrian crossroads in the heart of the USC campus.

Architect of Record

Harley Ellis Devereaux


University of Southern California

General Contractor



  • Nabih Youssef Associates
  • Harley Ellis Devereaux
  • Sand Hill Media and Associates