American Society of Anesthesiologists

1061 American Lane, Schaumburg, Illinois / United States of America

The American Society of Anesthesiology’s (ASA) new 72,000 square foot headquarters building provides an integrated response to a complex program combining internal staff office space, accommodations for external membership committee meetings and educational events, and an archival library and exhibit space preserving the profession’s past. ASA’s goal was to integrate these three disparate program elements into its new headquarters building yet maintain an understated distinction between public and staff activities. Office spaces on the second and third floors ring a central atrium, buffered by conference spaces. This plan organization increases interaction among departments while preserving areas for focused work. The monumental stair and ribbon of exhibits around the atrium connect all floors with the public first floor functions. The controlled combination of direct and indirect daylight emanating from the atrium is the tendon that unifies the building spaces and functions, drawing visitors and staff to the central collaborative space at the building’s heart. The first floor takes advantage of the site’s natural topography, views and daylight by sloping gently toward the site’s small lake. The conference center benefits from higher ceiling heights and views on the west while the entrance to the east enjoys a more intimate scale.

Architect of Record



American Society of Anesthesiologists

General Contractor

Skender Construction


  • WMA Consulting
  • Lipp A/V Design Inc.
  • Halvorson and Partners